New York's Niu Noodle House Selects Workhouse as A.O.R

Top Quote WORKHOUSE ( announced that it has been selected by Niu Noodle House as Agency of Record (A.O.R). Media contact Adam Nelson, CEO Workhouse via . End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) August 14, 2012 - WORKHOUSE ( one of the country's leading public relations and integrated creative agencies, today announced that it has been selected by Niu Noodle House as Agency of Record (A.O.R). Workhouse will develop integrated promotional campaigns that synchronize communication efforts and will execute a comprehensive public relations plan and special events. The assignment is effective immediately.

    Quite a Stir.
    Opening this September, 2012, Niu Noodle House debuts at 15 Greenwich Avenue in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. The restaurant stands out because of its creative fusion, super fresh noodles and dimsum that are made daily. All are bathed in a steamy broth that is both rich and multi-layered. For ramen lovers who want to try something besides Ippudo? Niu could be your spot. The delicious dim sum Crystal White Bunnies come on their very own cucumber pedastal. The dim sum noodle house also debuts an unstoppable Happy Hour that's all-around affordable. It's like the prices from the East Village and the flavors and authenticity of Chinatown have traversed the invisible boundary line and are giving 6th Avenue a chance. Get there between 5pm and 8pm and choose any of the ebbulient and talented bartender's lavender-raspberry-ginger-lemongrass-infused $5 cocktails. Their signature dishes include the fluffy Pork Buns, the large and steamy Short Rib Noodle Soup with vegetables, and the light and addictive Mango Shaved Ice Dessert.

    Interested media who wish to attend the Grand Opening Event or to interiew the principals please forward your requests to Workhouse, CEO Adam Nelson viaemail nelson ( @ ) workhousepr dot com or telephone +1 646 dot 205 dot 3540

    Hot Stuff.
    Originally infiltrating Japan from China in the mid-19th century, when the Japanese began cooking and serving shina soba, or "Chinese-style" soup, ramen in the intrinsic format we recognize today - meaty broth, chewy wheat noodles, roasted pork, various vegetables - began showing up as street food in the 1920s. It might not seem this way, but it's a relatively contemporary addition to Japanese food culture. Over the past 100 years, ramen (theorized to be a linguistic appropriation of the Chinese term "la mien," hand-manipulated noodles) has been enthusiastically adopted as the go-to budget dish of the Japanese, and the island nation is rapaciously protective of it. Indeed, every region in Japan lays aggressive claim to its own style of ramen, and listing them all here would likely cause you to get frustrated and go nuke a Cup Noodles in dorm-room defiance. But there are a handful of extremely common umbrella ramen categories worth digesting - shoyu, or soy-based; shio, a lighter, prettier style flavored with salt in lieu of soy; miso, clouded with fermented bean paste that can range from delicate to intense; and tonkotsu, with a stock derived from hard-boiled pork meat and bones and aromatics.

    The Niu Noodles they serve are the creation of thier world-class chef, who has specialized for years in the art of noodle making. He combined the theories of making Ramen noodle and created a unique brand of noodle that he named Niu Noodles. Headed by 2010 Chinese community cook- off champion and Executive chef Fang Wei Zehang who enjoys over 30 years of Chinese and Cantonese cuisines he serves with Dim Sum Chef Lo Long Kit who has over 40 years of experience in the art of dim sum.

    Are the noodles hand-pulled?
    No, because of the massive quantities needed, we use a machine to make cut and shape the noodles.

    Are local ingredients used? If so, which?
    Our vegetables and fruits are local. All our beef and seafood are supplied by purveyors from around the eastern area.

    Noodle choices
    Rice noodles ( thin, wide, and gluten free thin), egg noodle, udon noodle, wheat and buckwheat noodle.

    Which ingredients are made on-premises?
    All of our dumpling skin, sauces, broth, noodles are created on premise.

    Special Broth
    Niu Noodle House incorporates a special broth combining beef and pork slowly simmered with vegetables for a minimum of 12 hours then set to cool. The entire soup is then resimmered for another 4 hours. Can be served with or without spicy additions.

    Chicken Noodle
    incorporates the same designs as the Niu special broth but utilizes only chicken stock.

    Particularly made for our vegetarian friends but can be combined with any of our other broths.

    Contains a choice of crabmeat and pork or just pork with pork broth inside the dumpling served with a soy garlic vinaigrette with julienned ginger.

    Shrimp wrapped with a translucent Shiny wrap served with a soy vinaigrett.

    Can be served steamed or pan fried, minced pork and chives with a sweet and tart vinaigrette.

    Marinated Flank steak, short ribs, and beef shank with bok choy, scallion, sweet corn, thousand year egg, tempura seaweed chip, served with your choice of noodle and broth. Our recommendation is the beef trifecta with egg noodles and Niu special broth.

    Chocolate Old-Fashioned
    Bourbon, Honey and Aztec Chocolate Bitters is in Pure Harmony in this Classic Cocktail.

    Dark and Stormy
    A perfect marriage of Gosling's Black Seal Rum and Fresh Ginger Beer, made in-house.

    This Elixir of Dry Gin, lemon juice and maraschino liquor has a depth of flavor that can be described as equally sweet and sour.

    An assertive double-barreled flavor of Rye Whiskey and Applejack with the robust herbaceous richness of green Chartreuse.

    Jasmine Gimlet
    Agave nectar infused with Jasmine adds a sweet twist to the classic cocktail made with vodka or gin and Fresh squeezed lime.

    Peach Bramble
    A light and tangy combination of hothouse peach jam, citrus vodka and fresh squeezed lime juice.

    Lavender Margarita
    A lighter version of the traditional Margarita made with top shelf spirits and lavender infused agave nectar.

    Niu Mist
    Muddled fresh ginger and lime forms a crisp foundation for this tangy delicate cocktail made with Bombay Sapphire gin, pomegranate liqueur and cranberry juice topped with aromatic rosewater.

    Lemongrass Lychee Clam
    Citrus vodka seasoned with sweetened lemongrass tea and freshly squeezed lemon juice on a bed of lychee pearls.

    Elderflower frappé (Contains Egg Whites)
    Smooth Cachaça, elderflower liqueur and fresh squeezed orange juice with a frothy topping flavored with rhubarb bitters. Perfect after dim sum cocktail.

    15 Greenwich
    A spicy duo of Thai chile infused vodka and ginger syrup splashed with fresh lime and orange juices.

    House Cobbler (Seasonal)
    A handful of Muddled Fresh berries combined with your choice of spirit and sweetener. Agave, Honey, Sugar or Demerara sugar.

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