New Science Fiction Novel - The Mars Migration By Wayne M. Bailey

Top Quote Wayne M. Bailey is pleased to announce the release of his new science fiction novel, The Mars Migration. End Quote
  • New York, NY (1888PressRelease) March 21, 2023 - Two ordinary people, stolen from Earth to go on the adventure they never wanted.

    A pair of silver spheres arrive on Earth, one crashes down in Selkirk, Canada, and one in the West Midlands, UK. Time is paused for twenty miles in all directions around the spheres as a means of protection. Amber and Daniel, who witness them land, remain able to move inside of this field. Assuming them to be meteorites, or some sort of attack, until closer inspection reveals the shiny futuristic object to them. With all of their family and friends trapped and frozen in time, why are they the only unaffected?

    They are inexplicably drawn to the spheres who have designed a connection with them. When they are tempted into touching the spheres, they are instantly transported away from their home planet to a strange dark world beyond a black hole.

    Amber and Daniel, are forced into an unwanted adventure, stuck in an alternate universe on the brink of civil war. They are then informed by their captors that they will not be returned home, as the energy to do so could be better spent in their new home. Forcing them to say goodbye to their families and lives back home on Earth.

    Meanwhile back on Earth two areas the size of a large county remain inaccessible. People’s loved ones are trapped inside, along with major road routes and businesses. Chaos ensues, as the governments on both sides of the pond struggle to cope with, and explain what these anomalies are, why they are there, and who is responsible for them.
    How long must these anomalies last before desperate solutions are investigated, not just by the governments, but by the general public too?

    Could an unlikely allegiance inside the Dark Space, help Amber and Daniel to secure an alternate way home?

    About the Author:
    Wayne M. Bailey is a Willenhall based author who has just published his debut science fiction novel, The Mars Migration.

    Born and raised in Walsall, England, Wayne worked as an apprentice electrician before leaving the practical side of the electrical field to move into sales in the same trade.

    During his youth, Wayne’s fascination with the unknown was sparked when he witnessed a UFO in Walsall and learned of his father’s own UFO experience a mere three streets away in the Alumwell area. This, coupled with being a sci-fi film geek, growing up in the eighties with the amazing films that we did, provided the inspiration for creating a science fiction work of his own.

    Wayne goes on to say that “It was very important for me to have an interesting story to tell that was set in my local town! Just like Stephen King likes to set his stories around the areas that he grew up in around New England.”

    You can find Wayne at most social media channels, and also at:

    The Mars Migration is out now, and available at Amazon, in both kindle form and paperback, just search for “The Mars Migration.” Also any bookshop you choose can place an order for you if you prefer brick and mortar stores.

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