New Green Technology Mobile Application May Finally End the Need for Printed Business Cards

Top Quote While electronic paper (e-Paper) solutions continue to mature and offer promise, Yprintit, a new QR code electronic business card application shows how we may replace paper business cards and solve the green business card problem in the not-too-distant future.. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) September 26, 2011 - Technological advancements over the last decade or so have made significant progress in making the business world a greener place. Products and solutions whose roots lie deeply embedded both inside and outside the realm of green inspiration have changed the landscape dramatically. A new electronic business card application from shows how we can implement an effective paperless electronic business card solution and replace printed paper business cards entirely.

    New developments in green technology have brought about a number of positive changes in the way business is done in many offices globally - office tools are now generally more efficient, with energy-saving components and electronic interfaces - Almost everything has been finely tuned to reduce impact on the environment and increase output and productivity with the least amount of resources consumed. One commonly used tool however that has yet to undergo a "green revolution" is the printed business card.

    Many aspects of paper use within the workplace are being addressed by current green technology, including the increasing use of virtual documents and electronic databases for information storage and presentation and the use of business intelligence software systems for evaluations and report generation - reducing the need to actually print on paper, and saving the environment a great deal of waste.

    With all of these developments in view, one can objectively say that a great deal is being done to reduce the use of paper within the workplace. It's all around us. One time "de facto" paper based business solutions have become almost eliminated completely. Think of what email has done to letterhead; online billing to invoices; laptops, tablets and PDA's to notepads; electronic document and data storage to filing; and what about what online catalogs have done to printed catalogs. The list can go on and on. One of the last unscathed survivors however, has been the ubiquitous printed business card. The paper business card represents a significantly high volume of paper used in offices worldwide annually, which translates to heavy paper sourcing from trees, leading to ecological and environmental problems if left unmanaged, which are already well documented.

    What is being done about the paper business card specifically? Well, if recent green technology initiatives take hold, it seems even this last remnant of a less environmentally friendly legacy may soon join the ranks of the obsolete. Top on the list of current successes in the search for paperless business cards are the virtual business cards generally used on mobile platforms - cell phones, smartphones, PDAs, etc., and transmitted via SMS, email or other connectivity options like Bluetooth, Infrared and so on. These virtual cards or vCards make it possible to exchange contact information between compatible devices. It seems however, that even with all these efficient technological options, there is something that keeps people tied to their printed business card, not the least of which is that people like business cards because they are visual, and they are typically handed out when you are face to face. Well, if that is what has been missing so far, then the smartphone surely may be the answer.

    With the proliferation of smartphones, we have approached a point where most business practice has been seamlessly integrated with mobile technology, eliminating redundancy and improving performance through the efficient use of technology for multiple business functions. In short, it is clear that any lasting solution to the problem of finding a green paperless contact management solution to replace the paper business card will have to be based on mobile technology.

    "Let's be honest, smartphones have changed everything. People are already talking about how they hardly need their PC any longer. Many of the functions we once depended on our PC's for are now easily addressed with a smartphone." says a spokesperson for, a green technology firm. Their latest development is an application designed to replace the printed business card with a digital version of a business card that is also visual and handed out face to face, maintaining the established social and business culture associated with business cards, yet eliminating the negatives.

    "At a business meeting, if you ask me for my card, I take out my phone and pass my business card to your phone. You now have my business card on the screen of your phone, literally. All the cards you receive are stored in your virtual rolodex and you can flip through them like you would with a stack of paper cards. The difference here is that if I change my phone number or any other information that would be printed on my card, I update my card using the application. Now everyone that has received my card in the past has my new information automatically. I never even have to tell them, and I don't need to print new cards", states the Yprintit spokesperson.

    This new green paperless electronic business card solution utilizes QR code technology, the popular bar code technology, to pass a card from one phone to another. The business cards themselves are exact business card sized, high resolution digital images that appear on the screen of your phone. Tap on the digital business card on your screen and a menu appears allowing you to call a number or send an email with one touch. The app is also free, with both an iPhone app as well as an Android app version.

    Green technology and solutions that have helped foster more sustainable business practices have surely come a long way, driven by a host of factors, many of which are rooted in a passion for the cause. As far as progress goes, we can only hope that its casualties are those things that we really did not need anyway, and even more so, if we are so lucky as to have such clarity, those things which we clearly accept as being destructive or "negative" to begin with. Alas, I can not quite say where I believe the fate of the mighty printed business card does or should lie. I will say this however; green technology and a clever little app rooted in that cause just might have something to say about it.

    For more information, please contact Yprintit support by email via support ( @ ) yprintit dot com, or visit the following Yprintit pages:

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    YPrintit is a green technology firm. Their latest development is a new free mobile application and social networking platform designed to eliminate the negatives associated with printed paper business cards while maintaining the positive visual impact and established face to face practice of exchanging cards. Currently available for iPhone and Android, its version for Blackberry is scheduled for release in early 2011.

    Official video demonstrations of the application can be seen on the Yprintit website:

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