New classes in Warspear Online

Top Quote AIGRIND LLC has released update 7.0 “New Heroes” for multiplatform MMORPG Warspear Online. The update features four new classes: Charmer, Hunter, Warden and Seeker. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) June 08, 2017 - These classes will not only bring new mechanics to the game, but also play an important role in balancing two in-game Alliances: Legion and Sentinels. The warriors of these Alliances fight in the Arena, in open PvP and in massive battles for territories on the island of Irselnort.

    Charmers are the new Forsaken recruits. Combining the best features of fighting sorcerers and heavy armored warriors, they are used to combat with staffs and heavy maces. Charmers are initiated in an mysterious ceremony in the darkest dungeon of Moraktar. Only a few know what oaths are taken there and what price is paid by Charmers for the power they acquire. They are the last hope of Forsaken.

    Charmer is a hybrid class. They are able to wear magic weapons, cloth armor, maces with shields and heavy gear. It is the first class in the game that can summon beasts, but their power is highly dependant on the character’s equipment. Charmers can choose several roles: tanking and controlling, damage dealing or support. They are another Legion class with AoE damage skills that were lacking in massive battles.

    Hunters are the true Northmen. They are loners by choice - Hunters usually break with their Clans and enter a voluntary exile in the wild forests. There, they group together as would wolves, in a pack. The beginning of the great war didn't affect them at first, but with years having passed and Shamans having used all their persuasion, Hunters finally bid farewell to snowy forests. They slung massive bows over their shoulders and went out to remote territories in expectation of a fine hunt of two-legged beasts.

    The first Legion class that can use ranged physical weapons: bows and crossbows. Their role in the game is damage dealing, either in PvP or PvE battles depending on which skills you prefer to level up. Hunters are quite easy to play for newbies, but may need a good understanding of combat mechanics at higher levels.

    Wardens is a brotherhood of elf warriors having taken vows to Nuadu. Their goal is to protect each and every one. They have spent many years in remote temples practicing meditation and combat. Every Warden knows that you end up with only one of two choices after a battle: with the shield or on the shield.

    Wardens are another tank in the Sentinel Alliance. They can suffer large amounts of damage and have great aggression skills. Apart from already existing tanks from the same alliance, Wardens are destined primarily for PvE: completing Dungeons, solo-farming and raiding bosses. However, various sets of skills and equipment, as well as a right company will also make him very useful in PvP battles.

    Seekers are young, bold outlaws who found plenty of opportunities available to them after the war had begun. Who would like to tend sheep or turn the soil when you can find fame and fortune in faraway lands? Each Seeker is ready to go to the ends of the world and face any danger. Grey-haired paladins shake their heads when looking at the new generation, but even they admit that Seekers have no peers among adventurers. Every veteran is envious of their skills with weapons!

    Seekers are the first Sentinel class to possess invisibility. Their main goal is damage dealing, and the amount of damage gradually increases during battle due to numerous empowering effects. They are quite complicated to play, but if mastered can be very powerful against every enemy in PvP. Their specialty is two-handed weapons, but they can also use daggers and deal extremely fast damage.

    Apart from new classes, update 7.0 “New Heroes” also brings additional class weapons and relics, achievements, craft professions, a new system of quest rewards on native islands and many other changes.

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