Natural Hair Care Product Company Develops Humectant-Free Products for Use in Dry Environments to Counteract Dry Hair

Top Quote Natural hair care product company develops moisturizing hair care products for those living in dry weather environments. End Quote
  • Las Vegas, NV-AZ (1888PressRelease) July 12, 2010 - A new natural hair care product company based in Phoenix, Arizona has a mission to cure dry hair all over the world. An online-based company which ships products nationally and internationally, Bear Fruit Hair's product line was specifically developed for people living in dry weather environments who have associated dry hair concerns. "Most of the hair care products on the market that claim to moisturize have valid moisturizing ingredients, yet those same ingredients achieve the opposite effect in an environment like Arizona, where there's very low to no humidity. Instead of attracting moisture to the hair, due to the science of how many moisturizing ingredients work, those products will actually deplete moisture. Women find themselves with even drier hair when using them," says Marissa Swan, founder of Bear Fruit Hair.

    In her research, she discovered a huge issue - hair and skin product companies were putting glycerin in almost every single product. But why was that such a big deal, when most people feel they want glycerin, or other humectants in their hair and skincare products?

    Humectants work by attracting moisture from a humid environment. But if you live in a dry environment, humectants will remove any moisture you have in your hair and evaporate it into the environment. Humectants work by attracting moisture, but Bear Fruit Hair's products work by putting the moisture into your hair, and with its range of ingredients, can seal moisture in with natural ingredients that allow moisture to keep coming into hair, unlike products which will actually lock moisture out. "Companies add tons of great sounding ingredients to attract the consumer, yet many of those ingredients are actually working against each other. While one ingredient is supposed to attract moisture from the air onto your hair, another ingredient is coating the hair, preventing the moisture from coming into it."

    As an international company, Bear Fruit Hair's philosophy is to promote customer knowledge about how their environment interacts with their particular hair types, and to allow their customers to create products that work specifically for them. "Adding humectants to a product make great sense if you live near water, but if you're in Arizona, or Africa, for example, we want to allow customers to create a product without humectants." An innovative customization concept, Bear Fruit Hair developed the idea of allowing customers to create their own hair care products, choosing from the ingredients in their store. Customers can create both hair and skin care products from their range of natural herbs, fruits and oils.

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