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  • Mymazo was launched to enlighten and educate people about the world of finance. With more insecurity and turbulence in the financial world than ever before, people need to plan not only for their retirement, but even for the short term.

    To further assist our members, Mymazo is partnering with financial companies which enables our members to get beneficial deals, thereby saving them money. Mymazo is truly a life changing opportunity to learn, share and earn while helping people plan and achieve their financial ambitions.
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  • Mymazo Launches Social Network - The Mymazo Community
  • With the world of finances becoming more challenging, and social networking becoming increasingly important in the work field, both as an employee but not at least as an entrepreneur, Mymazo has launched a Community where members connect with likeminded people who are able to work together towards a more secure financial future.
  • With increasing parts of people's lives being lived online, connecting with friends and businesses, Mymazo has taken a new approach and has launched a ...
  • March 14, 2015
  • Mymazo to deliver financial education to the world through Network Marketing with a revolutionary pay plan
  • Recent surveys have found that most Americans consider financial troubles even scarier than death. It means that we urgently need to take action to get financial education into the homes of millions of people who need knowledge. Mymazo is on a mission to educate people worldwide, and being built by Network Marketing we also offer people an income opportunity that can help change people's lives.
  • Mymazo, a community created for financial education and beneficial product deals, has launched a new and improved pay plan to celebrate its first year ...
  • November 29, 2014