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  • Jacob Abrahamson
  • URL: http://web.mac.com/Michael_Dickel
  • PR for literary and visual artists. My Palm Tree, PR, provides services to writers, photographers, painters, and other artists.
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  • The World behind it, Chaos..., a wide-ranging, lyrical collection of poetry and visual art, soon to be released by wv? eBook Press
  • wv? eBook Press proudly announces the pending release of Michael Dickel's much-anticipated collection of poetry and visual art. Dickel's work has appeared in high-quality small-press literary journals, art books, and anthologies for more than 20 years. This is his first book, collecting poetry, photography, and digital art to create a magnificent journey through the chaos and mystery of life.
  • Forthcoming eBook, Available for Review

    Book Title: The World behind it, Chaos…
    Author: Michael Dickel
    Publisher: wv? eBo ...
  • February 03, 2009