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    Established in Singapore in 1987, the MP International (MPI) group of companies which specialises in organising exhibitions, conferences and special events. A member of the Pico group, MPI and its subsidiaries have organised and managed -over 2,000 national, regional and international events, including the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2009 Leaders' Week and the 117th International Olympic Council Session. It is a leading international organiser of trade exhibitions, including ITMA 2011 and 2015 in Europe, ITMA ASIA CITME series in China, and INTERPOL World 2015 in Singapore. MP is headquartered in Singapore with a global footprint across Asia and Europe.
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  • Myanmar Security Expo 2016
  • Myanmar Security Expo is a 3 day event being held from 17th November to the 19th November 2016 at the Tatmadaw Hall in Yangon, Myanmar.
  • Singapore companies taking a keen interest in Myanmar and Indochina market.

    Ten Singapore companies supplying security solutions will b ...
  • November 03, 2016
  • Towards a safe and secure environment through Intelligence, Analytics and Mobility
  • The inaugural India Security Expo will focus on solutions such as intelligence gathering, data analysis and deployment for Cybersecurity and Safe Cities. Happening from 12-14 September in Mumbai, India Security Expo will invite government and private sectors to learn about the latest technologies.
  • Mumbai - In support of India's government initiative for Digital India and Smart Cities, the inaugural India Security Expo will present local and inte ...
  • February 22, 2016