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Mind Body Hoboken Information
  • Jennifer Araneo
  • 51 Newark Street, Suite 402* Hoboken, NJ
  • Phone: 201-994-3500
  • URL: https://www.mindbodyhoboken.com/
  • Mind Body Hoboken is the meditation and hypnosis therapy center in Hoboken. Jennifer Araneo is the owner of Mind Body Hoboken. She has 20 years of experience in healing modalities and has been meditating. Jennifer is certified in hypnosis and NLP Master Practitioner by INLP Center. Mind Body Hoboken purpose is to help people and give them proper treatment for stress and anxiety. So that they can spend their life with peace and full of happiness.
Mind Body Hoboken Press Release -


  • Mind Body Hoboken Specialist Launching Stress Anxiety and Meditation Program in New Jersey
  • In a recent study, it was found out that the majority of Americans are under stress and doesn’t approve of themselves as fit. Hence, this event will teach them various exercises and meditation that will relieve stress, reduce depression, and improve cognitive function.
  • Mind Body Hoboken is launching a program for Treatment for stress anxiety NJ. It will be conducted by one of the specialists at Mind Body Hoboken. The ...
  • June 28, 2019