Milton Keynes Council Chooses Absolutes Interpreting and Translations

Top Quote Absolute Interpreting and Translations wins a new contract with Milton Keynes Council. Henceforth Absolute Interpreting and Translations will be actively training and deploying interpreters in the Milton Keynes region contributing to the local economy, particularly within socially excluded minority groups. End Quote
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    Who is Milton Keynes Council - why did they select Absolute Interpreting and Translations as their Language Service Provider?

    In the 40 years, Milton Keynes has existed as an urban region; it has grown by leaps and bounds. Consequently, it has seen a consistent increase in the number of people recognising its potential as a place to study, work and live. As you might expect these people aren’t all from the same culture and background. Thus, Milton Keynes has seen an increased demand in language services, including, but not limited to, Public Service Interpreting and Certified Translation, that’s where Absolute Interpreting and Translations step in.

    Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd is a specialist Language Service Provider, renowned for crossing the Language Barrier both through interpreting and translation, in over 300 different languages in both the public and private sector, for notable clients such as various NHS trusts and Local Authorities throughout the UK and abroad. Thus, Milton Keynes language services were able to recognise their reputation as experienced players within the language sector. However, they were not selected on reputation alone. They were also selected due to their success in a rigorous tender exercise.

    Milton Keynes Council
    Milton Keynes Council chooses Absolute Interpreting and Translations as its Language Service Provider

    Technical and managerial Innovations- How Language Service Providers Stay Competitive
    Why Absolute was able to supersede the competition when Acquiring the Milton Keynes Council Language Service Provision Contract:

    One of the factors contributing to Absolutes Interpreting and Translations growth into Milton Keynes, as well as in general, seems to be its ability to spread its geographical reach without compromising the quality of the various Interpreting and Translations services it provides. This is assured to their clients by through their IS017100:2015 certification for quality management. Some of the innovations which contribute to this competitive edge include investment in a remote in-house Interpreter training platform. Absolute Interpreting and Translations Provides all of its recruits with a full, free training/ assessment course, regardless of where the linguists are based. Thus, all interpreters will have a base level of competence in interpreting; assuring the quality of the service they deliver. Specifically, they deliver a CIPSI training course through webinars. This allows them to recruit locals in regions such as Milton Keynes, without spending of physical offices, inflating prices, or compromising quality by recruiting blind.

    However, training and recruiting Locals is insufficient to succeed in obtaining Language Service provider contracts in today’s competitive market. Firms would also need a means of strategically managing their local recruits to ensure they are properly utilised to meet their client’s language demands. Absolute Interpreting and translations have tackled this issue by making a significant investment (a quarter of a million pound) in a comprehensive and effective digital management system. Due to the cybernetic nature of their linguist management solution, they are able to communicate instantaneously with linguists and clients across the globe. Aside from this, they are able to effectively filter through thousands of interpreters and translators in hundreds of languages, by location without wasting any time. This allows them to utilise their strategic geographical recruitment method efficiently and therefore effectively.

    Fiscal Implications- Spending Money to Make Money;
    How Awarding Absolute Interpreting and Translations a Language Provider Contract is beneficial to Milton Keynes’s and its residents:

    The aforementioned managerial and technological innovations may explain how local engagement has been successfully achieved by Absolute Interpreting and Translations. However, there is certainly something to be said about why local recruitment of interpreters and translators is such a desirable attribute to prospective clients such as Milton Keynes Council. Aside from deeply obvious financial benefits, such as the significant cut to logistical expenses which are traditionally borne by clients, including but not limited to transport/mileage, parking and travel time. There are also less obvious social and fiscal befits, such as the contributions made to the local economy. Such contributions are made through a boost in the number of constituents in employment and the skills and qualification gained by local constituents who become employed.

    By making an effort to engage with, and recruit from the local communities in which they operate, Absolute Interpreting and translations provide opportunities to some of society’s most socially excluded members. People from foreign ethnic backgrounds that speak English as a second language are statistically underrepresented in the job market. By Contracting Language Service Providers that recruit locally, such as Absolute Interpreting and Translations, local authorities such as Milton Keynes Council, help give these people employment. Absolute Interpreting and Translations in particular, also provide all their Interpreters with a CIPSI qualification free of charge, helping them gain other employment in the long run. This, in turn, improves the regions social health, as well as the local authority’s tax revenue.

    less obvious fiscal benefits gained from employing locally

    Social Value & Ethics- Interpreting for the right reasons
    Why Milton Keynes Council Trusts Absolute Interpreting and Translations not to compromise on the quality of the Language Service it provides:

    Other than providing the fiscal benefits having a Language service provider that recruits locally would have, Absolute Interpreting and Translations also claims to genuinely care about the moral nature of Interpreting and Translating services. While Milton Keynes is not a registered charity, but a local Authority, Absolute Interpreting and Translations reputation for ethical conduct may still have had some appeal to them. As, while local authorities are often legally compelled in to fund interpreters, it is understood that the Laws requiring them to do so are put in place due to ethical codes present within our society. Such as the long-held doctrine that if someone is to be punished, they must be informed of the reason they are being punished, which leads to the presence of interpreters working with the police. Thus, it makes sense the institutions like Milton Keynes Council to desire that the interpreters and Translators they request act in an ethical manner when providing their service, in line with the reasons for which they are being funded.

    Recognising ethics is something their clients’ seem to value, Absolute Interpreting and Translations recognises the status of Language Service provision as a “professional” industry. By this they mean that there feel bridging language barriers is a public good, and as such, they believe firms ought to take into account an appreciation the ethical factors when providing a Language Services; such as the moral and social value of Public Service interpreting. To ensure this is known and actioned by all of their linguists, all their interpreters and Translators are subject to an ethical code as part of their terms of service. They are then taught how to implement this in practice, through the previously mentioned webinar training sessions. Furthermore, they suggest that remuneration is not their Linguist’s only motivation for providing Language services. This may well be true, given that their selection process targets native speakers meaning that their Linguists may well have received the services they are granting others access to.

    Absolute Interpreting and Translations act as they expect their interpreters to act, in a manner that would suggest they share their clients’ appreciation of morality. This has been reflected in some of their actions, such as sponsoring one of their client’s award ceremonies (BCP). Furthermore, they also recruit and train professionals from the fields in which they operate, such as bilingual social workers and lawyers, granting their team an edge in more difficult sessions involving subject-specific jargon and further reinforcing the idea that the interpreters care about their work. Ultimately, this has led to clients commending both the agency and its interpreters through testimonials which Absolute has very proudly published on their website.

    Absolute Interpreting and translations logo featuring Pudsey the Bear of BBC children in need
    Absolute Interpreting and translations partners with BBC children in need

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