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  • (1888PressRelease) July 04, 2016 - Perhaps one of the main things that innovators are working on in the future of transportation is speed. Everyone seems to be in a hurry to get from one point to the next. Additionally, traffic snarl-ups have made it so that many people end up wasting time in their day just sitting in traffic. Solutions to move people from one place to the other faster are definitely a good idea.

    If you are looking at transportation on water, speed is required especially by the navy who may need to move very fast from one point to another. "Supercavitation is the solution for increased speed on water!" says Mike Tornabe of the Logan Bus Company. Supercavitation works by having a layer of bubbles form around whatever your object may be.

    In the case of a boat, it would be hull. This works by reducing the amount of friction working against it by about 900 times. This means that the boat will move a lot quicker in the water than it normally would. "The navy would gain tremendously from supercavitation since they would be able to move way faster than they usually do and the fuel expenditure would also be relatively low" explained Michael Tornabe.

    Due to the speeds at which the boat or ship would move as well as its shape, sonar would have a difficult time detecting the vessel. You would be surprised to find that such a vessel could even be faster than a torpedo.

    An American Company, Juliet marine Systems located in Portsmouth, NH, is currently working on building a boat just like that. They have called it the Ghost and it is designed for defense. Its work will be to protect naval vessels as well as fend off pirates whose aim would be to attack and carry away goods on commercial ships. In addition to that, the boat could also be made into a ferry so that it can transport troops on to enemy shores fast and with ease.

    Transportation in the future will not only be looking to conquer air and land but sea as well. From magnetic levitation trains, to driverless cars, to zip lines and now supercavitation boats. There is a lot to look forward to.

    About Mike Tornabe & Logan Bus Company:
    Mike Tornabe started at Logan in 2003. When Mike started, Logan Bus Co & Affiliates had 700 contracted school bus routes with the New York City Department of Education. Now, in 2016, Logan Bus Company is the largest private school bus operator in New York State. With over 2,000 contracted routes, Mike has expanded Logan bus beyond imagination. An Entrepreneur at heart, this is not the first business Mike Tornabe has been successful in. An inventor and holder of a few patents, Mike has always been on the right side of entrepreneurial success. Prior to Logan, Mike founded a successful Roofing business out of Long Island, New York.

    While a businessman by every sense of the word, Mike would rather be "under the bus" than above it! Mike is an avid car lover at heart. He loves muscle cars made in America, and despite his busy work schedule, still finds some peace and quiet to get under the hood of the car and work on his vehicles. This is a testament to Mr. Tornabe's excellent expertise when dealing with school bus maintenance. Logan's bus fleet is one of the top-of-the-line bus fleets.

    Mike is a frequent supporter of various charities such as the Queens Boys and Girls Club, Wounded Warriors, the NYPD, FDNY and NY State Troopers. Mike understands the importance of our men and women on duty and how important it is for them to protect our children so that they can continue to get the education they deserve. Learn more at

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