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  • (1888PressRelease) November 21, 2011 - Rising medical care costs and the promise of up to 80 percent savings on some major medical procedures have given rise to a new wave of health tourism. While in the past one might have traveled from a third world country to a country with more advanced medicine to seek treatment, the modern health traveler is often from the United States, Great Britain or Canada, and is traveling to seek a great deal and maybe to visit a great vacation destination in the process. Deloitte Research predicts that by the year 2017, as many as 12 to 15 million people may seek treatment abroad. There is now even a website,, specifically dedicated to matching patients with the best hospitals and facilities abroad.

    Medical or health tourism is not a new idea - whether it's the ancient Greeks traveling across the Mediterranean Sea to seek the healing god Asklepios or the English in the 1700s going to Bath to enjoy the supposed healing properties of the mineral springs there, people have always been willing to travel for healing. In our modern era, it's just easier and more efficient. Unlike our ancestors who had to walk, ride horses or sail for hundreds or thousands of miles, we can hop on a plane and be there in hours.

    The Internet has also proven to be more effective for sharing information about new medical procedures and the locations of great clinics than the ancient methods (like word of mouth). In fact, the Internet site is basically a one-stop shop for medical tourism. Visitors to the site can select their ailment or affected area and the country or countries in which they would be interested in receiving treatment. Health Traveler then provides a list of available facilities or services that can help, allowing the patient to compare and assess their options carefully and completely.

    The biggest concern the average person would have when seeking treatment abroad would naturally be quality of care - it doesn't make sense to risk your life to save money. Luckily, there are now several international organizations, including Joint Commission International (JCI) and Trent Accreditation Scheme (TAS) that provide accreditation to hospitals and health facilities around the world, making sure they are up to expected standards. The website can put patients in touch with accredited facilities and hospitals so they can put their mind at ease and focus on healing.

    Health Traveler ( is a website dedicated to making medical tourism and treatment abroad more easily accessible to Americans, thereby saving individuals thousands of dollars in medical costs.

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