Mascot Costumes - The Ultimate Commercial Guide

Top Quote Have you ever noticed how every major sports team in the world has a mascot? Of course you have, how could you miss them? Mascots stick in your mind for a number of reasons. If you support your local team for example, your mascot will be just as important to you and your team as the badge on the shirt of each player. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 31, 2018 - Mascots are not only limited to sports teams however, mascots are also associated with a variety of different businesses and corporate organizations as well. That’s why today, we are going to be looking at, and their vast collection of eye-catching mascot costumes. If you’re thinking of investing in a mascot costume, or if you simply want to find out more about mascots in general, you’ve come to the right place. So, grab a drink, pull up a chair, and let’s take more of a detailed look at the mascot costumes available from

    Who are Panda Shock? – Panda Shock is arguably the world’s largest online retailer of all-things panda-related. When we say that, we really mean it. They don’t just sell generic panda stuffed toys, or cheap keychains like you find in gift shops at zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. Oh no, Panda Shock sell more panda-related items than you could ever have imagined. Here you will find everything panda-related that you could ever want. They stock panda hoodies, panda sweats, panda bikinis, plush toys, stationary, keychains, jewellery, sleeping bags, gloves, panda scarves, and many other panda accessories. Created by people who share the physical and spiritual home of the giant panda – Sichuan Province, this is the ultimate panda website. Whether you are mad about pandas, or just want to purchase a fun, quirky, and exciting gift, Panda Shock is the website for you. Best of all, by shopping with them, you know that you are doing your part to help these amazing, yet at risk, creatures that have been around for thousands of years.

    What about mascot costumes? – Oh, that’s right. We’ve not yet spoke about mascot costumes, have we? You’re probably wondering what a website dedicated to pandas, has to do with mascot costumes? Well, the reason we’re talking mascots today is because also happens to sell life-size mascot costumes. As you might have guessed, they have plenty of panda mascot costumes, so if you’re looking for a panda mascot for your business or your sports team, they’re ideal for you. However, if your business has nothing to do with pandas, they’ve still got you covered. You see, they offer dozens upon dozens of mascot costumes, of virtually every animal you can imagine. They have monkeys, tigers, sharks, crocodiles, cows, insects, fish, birds, rabbits, cats, dogs, and much more besides. Best of all is the fact that Panda Shock also offer a unique customization service with super-fast delivery. That’s right, if one of the several dozen existing mascot costumes on the site doesn’t grab your eye, you can get in contact with them and have a mascot costume custom-made to your specifications, and have it with you super-fast.

    Why choose a mascot costume?
    By now, you’re probably wondering how practical a mascot costume actually is. Sure, for a fancy-dress party it’s great, but what about for the rest of the 364 days of the year where you’re back to normality? Well, you could purchase a mascot costume to simply wear around the house, but it would be much more sensible to purchase one to help expand and promote your business. You see, there are many, many business benefits associated with mascot costumes, and if used correctly, they can really help you to drum up more business. This obviously speaks for itself because the more business you can drum up, the more money you make. Easy. Here are several business benefits associated with mascot costumes:

    Great talking point – Now, imagine for a moment, that you’re walking down the High Street, just thinking of doing some window shopping. Imagine walking past an endless sea of plain and generic shop windows and signs. Nothing in particular would jump out at you or grab your attention. Now, imagine the same street, except outside one of the stores, was a man or a woman wearing a mascot costume, in the shape of, say, a tiger. They would stand out like a sore thumb and you would talk to whomever you were with about it. You’d smile, find it quirky, and would be intrigued (more on that next). Even if you were at home, you’d still remember the funny mascot dancing around outside the store and would probably tell your partner, friends, or family members all about it when you got home. You would also be tempted to snap a picture, upload it to social media, and talk about it with your friends. This one talking point means that you will now be aware of the business the mascot was associated with, and that it would therefore always stick in your mind. As you will likely talk about it as well, you will make others aware of the very same business. It is basically a form of promotion, except you the viewer, does most of the promoting.

    Helps get people to your store – As mentioned, if you have a store, café, bar, or restaurant on the High Street, you want to stand out against your competitors, and in general. You don’t want people to just walk past and ignore your store, you want them to be interesting in coming in and looking around. Now, a 6ft giant dancing shark, is certainly not going to be missed. Say you own a seafood restaurant, the mascot costume does two things for you. Number one, it lets everybody in the vicinity know that you are there, and number two, it lets people know what it is that you are selling. As people see the mascot, they are going to stop to look, take pictures, and look through the window. They are also going to look inside more than likely, even if there is nothing in particular that they have in mind for buying. Once people are inside, they are far more likely to make a purchase than if they are stood outside in the cold, on the damp asphalt.

    Creates brand awareness – Brand awareness is crucial in the business world, for a wide range of reasons. The term ‘brand awareness’ is self-explanatory as you are basically helping to make people aware of your brand. Your brand is your company name, colours, and/or logo and it is something that you want people to associate with your business and what you are selling. If you want an idea of how powerful brand awareness can be, just think of fried chicken. We won’t name any names, but there is a certain company that offers fried poultry products, with a logo of a happy and elderly gentleman. We haven’t named the company, but we bet anything that 99% of you know the exact company we’re talking about. We also bet that if you’re hungry and enjoy that type of food, that you could just eat one of their products right about now. The company logo is synonymous with the produce they offer, and that’s what you want for your business. You can choose whichever costume you like, and if you have your company colours, name, and logo printed clearly on the mascot’s costume, the more people see of it, the more they will associate it with you and will remember you. This also means that when they see reminders, your company will pop into their heads.

    They give off a friendly image – Yet another reason to invest in a mascot costume for your business, is because they give off a friendly and welcoming image. If you walk past a shop, do you want to walk past a dark window, with solemn looking people inside that look angry and unfriendly? No, of course you don’t, you’ll want to look somewhere else. You want to be greeted with a smile and you want to feel happy and welcome. Mascot costumes are perfect because they give off a fun and friendly image. If there’s a giant animal dancing around outside your store, with Googly eyes and a funny costume, this shows that your store doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it gives the impression that you are a family-friendly, and welcoming company. Feeling welcome puts people at ease, and lifts their spirits, which in turn means that they are likely to purchase something from you. From a business perspective, this is ideal.

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