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"Total Sales And Marketing Solutions"
Paresh Patel
21 Firs Avenue,
London, London, United Kingdom N11 3NE
Email: zonalpointpr@gmail.com
Phone: 0044 208 1233165
Fax: 0844 288 0069
Based in North London we provide sales and marketing solutions
  • Just Systems Europe
Focus Area
  • Software
  • Events / Seminars / Trade Shows
  • Food / Beverage
Company Details
Appear Year: 2009
No. of Employees: 2
Number of Clients: 6
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What Makes us Different?
Expertise in Hardware, Software, Online and Offline Sales and Marketing solutions ranging from Setting up of sales distributors and resellers
Negotiating terms and conditions
Channel Incentives
Proactive account management of resellers and distributors
Sales training of products and services
Business, Marketing and PR Plans
Sales Forecasts
Stock Forecasts
Market Conditions
Competitors Activities
Marketing solutions
Writing of press releases
Preparation of product training material
Copy writing for marketing materials
Press Meetings
Media buying
Round table events
Exhibition set up and participation
Database marketing
Online solutions
Web design and development with full CMS.
Social media marketing
html newsletter design and implementation
PPC management
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About us
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Based in North London and with over 10 years experience in providing sales and marketing solutions, our aim is to provide a total solution to meet your needs.

We cater for both start up and established businesses and have a proven track record for providing creative solutions tailored to your industry and market conditions.
Key Clients
JustSystems, Parkbox, Thought Coaching, Karma Ealing, Flava's Bar