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"Awareness Marketing for your video products that targets viewers and impacts sales."
Steve Baker
P.O. Box 120576,
Nashville, Tennessee, United State 37212
Phone: 615-419-0886
Fax: 615-419-0886
We are primarily a video promotion firm, but also handle PR for select clients.
  • Visual Image Marketing
Focus Area
  • Country Music
Company Details
Appear Year: 2000
No. of Employees: 1
Number of Clients: 1
Revenue: $1
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What Makes us Different?
We specialize in working with Indie artists to help build their brand and increase awareness for their music.
Company Description
We are primarily a music video promotion and marketing firm, but also handle PR and artist career consultation for select clients. We have been serving the Indie Country music community for 10 years. We also work with some selected Pop & Jazz artists.
Key Clients
Jimmy White