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"Spot On! Marketing for Local Businesses"
Ann Mullings
St Johns Street LONDON EC1V 4PY,
London, London, United Kingdom EC1V 4PY
Phone: 0208 133 6685
Fax: 0208 133 6685
The Vision of Starple is to help Local Businesses to Grow.
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  • Advertising Marketing
Company Details
Appear Year: 2010
No. of Employees: 5
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What Makes us Different?
Works at grass root level with business owners for overall growth and development.Educational, Innovative, Flexible and Measurable.
Company Description
The Vision of Starple is to help Local Businesses to implement a powerful, effective and well-rounded marketing strategy to win more clients and to grow their business. Our USP are: Educating Business owners, Our Flexibility, Tailor-made service, Measurable marketing and Innovation.
Key Clients
Local Businesses
Additional Information
1. Educational: We educate local business owners on new or emerging trends of advertising
2. Flexibility: We work with local business owners on a one-off orongoing basis.
3. Tailor-Made Service: We offer tailor-made services specific to the type of business and the target market (not one size fit all)
4. Measurable: We implement strategies to measure success for individual campaigns
5. Innovative: We bring old means of marketing to life by combining them with new and effective marketing such as mobile and social media.