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"Business Development for Select Clients"
Dennis Payne
2023 E Sims Way, #203,
Port Townsend, Washington, United State 98368
Email: dennis@mbmaonline.com
Phone: 206-274-8054
Fax: 360-234-6010
Business Development for Select Clients
Focus Area
  • Books
  • Museums
  • Photography
  • Web sites / Internet
  • Advertising Marketing
  • Utilities
  • Gifts and Collectibles
  • Web sites / Internet
  • Graphic Design
  • Web
Company Details
Appear Year: 2002
No. of Employees: 5
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What Makes us Different?
We specialize in intensive care for a small number of clients. Our clients are upscale, educated and international.
Company Description
MBMA specializes in business development for a small number of select clients. Our services range across most aspects of marketing, sales, and customer service with an emphasis on pragmatic, hands-on practices. More and more, we undertake the entire process on behalf of clients, including product development, website development, and ecommerce management.
Key Clients
CityRoom, CoffeeRoom, WorldwideSkin, ModeRoom.