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"Recessions are 90% mental. The other half is in your head--paraphrased from Yogi Berra"
Tim Sunderland
P.O. Box 2076,
Upland, California, United State 91730
Email: tim@gonzomarketers.com
Phone: 909-920-4537
Fax: 909-697-2211
Gonzo Marketers is full-service strategic marketing firm.
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Focus Area
  • Manufacturing / Production
Company Details
Appear Year: 2006
No. of Employees: 1
Number of Clients: 5
Revenue: $500000
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What Makes us Different?
We are all about marketing that supports the strategy! Our efforts are always customized to complement your strategy.
Company Description
Gonzo Marketers works with clients to develop and implement strategic marketing plans that are based on the companies goals and objectives. Developing an effective strategy means you waste less energy, time and money on fruitless marketing efforts.
Key Clients
Simplex Isolation Systems, Pilgrim Place, Bare Metal Works
Additional Information
We treat marketing as the umbrella vehicle which encompasses all the various disciplines of marketing, including advertising, public relations, word of mouth, social media, database marketing, tradeshows and everything else.