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Jochen Ziegler
Elsa Brandstrom Str 2,
Nürnberg, Bayern, Germany 90431
Phone: 0049911600579911
Fax: 0049911600579920
Asparagus Marketing, Branding & Publicity.
Focus Area
  • Leisure and Hospitality
Company Details
Appear Year: 2011
No. of Employees: 2
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What Makes us Different?
Asparagus is different because of its innovative sales and marketing strategies. This small, highly personal representation company which provides a face and a voice in the German speaking market for private, independent hotels and companies which do not find it viable to have their own offices here.
Company Description
Asparagus Marketing gives all its partners and clients alike continuous support and loyalty and offer them access to their respected Luxury Community Network. Their goal is to be successful together with their partners and to constantly improve further. To have good contacts within the tourism industry is essential, but not sufficient for them. For this reason their Luxury Community Network includes multifaceted contacts from various prestigious Lifestyle Companies.
Key Clients
Hotels and Resorts