Man Becomes First Time Father at 94 & a Swashbuckling Bartender - all on June 11 Ripley Radio Oddcast

Top Quote On this week's Ripley Radio, tune in to find out about a 94-year-old man becoming a father for the first time, the world's most expensive pizza and how a bartender foiled a robbery with an unusual weapon. End Quote
  • Orlando, FL (1888PressRelease) June 12, 2012 - Captain Steamers, a pirate-themed oyster bar in Florida was being robbed when an employee grabbed the closest weapon he could find - a piece of the theming decoration - and foiled the bad guy's efforts. What did he use? Tune into the week's episode of Ripley Radio - An On-Demand Oddcast, and find out!

    Through the decades of space travel, US Astronauts have not only claimed to see odd things flying by outside their space capsule, but have brought back photographic proof of those objects. NASA immediately "lost" the data in their bureaucracy and instructed the astronauts that they hadn't seen a thing. Ripley Radio's own UFO and Paranormal investigator, Lee Speigel, reports on this cover-up and hints at what's really happening out there.

    More Odd, Unusual, Strange and Unbelievable Things Discussed this Week:

    The wife of a 94-year old Indian man gave birth last month to the man's first ever child! Intern Abby relates this heart-warming story in our Father's Day show.

    Angela has discovered the world's most expensive pizza. Where else but in New York City, is a restaurant selling a four-slice pie for $1,000! Listen and find out what goes on top of a pizza that sells for a grand!

    A daredevil monster-truck driver plans to share a very special and dangerous Father's Day with his 14-year-old daughter by attempting a stunt that has never been done before. Marc Hartzman explains what this guy is about to attempt IN FRONT OF HIS DAUGHTER!

    Ralf finds a 2,100 square foot garden-themed woman's toilet in Japan. It's a one-seater, so it won't be hard to find, just look for the long line.

    A Croatian lumberjack had a liver transplant and soon became addicted to housework! Believe It or Not!

    Jodi Pliszka reports on the Weird Medical Malady known as Misophonia - the hatred of sound.

    Weird Holiday Creator Tom Roy, shares information on Stupid Guy Thing Day, just in time for Father's Day.

    And the hot new boy band, One Direction provides our musical egress this week with One Thing.

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