M-Connect Media Introduces Shipping Rule Magento 2 Extension to provide Customised Shipping Charges

Top Quote Create Shipping Rules based on various Conditions and Save yourself from losses occurring due to unfitting Shipping Charges. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) January 24, 2018 - With the spread of selling countless products over the internet, the necessity of various shipping policies arises. Shipping rates born by the merchant are generally based on weight, dimension, and destination. In the default Magento 2 platform, shipping types available are free shipping, flat rate, and table rate. Under free shipping, as the name suggests, the shopper won’t be paying any shipping charges, if crossed the minimum order amount.

    In this scenario, suppose the shopper has purchased more than the threshold amount and is eligible for free shipping, but there is some product in the cart which is going to charge the merchant a hefty amount in order to make it available the customer. So, the merchant is entitled to bear the loss, as cannot charge separately to the buyer by going against the ethics. Same way, under flat rate shipping, a fixed amount is charged. This may not be in accordance with the charges born by the merchant, hence the loss. In table rate shipping, the merchant can choose only one condition at a time i.e. from Weight vs Destination, Price vs Destination and Number of an item vs Destination.

    To overcome all these scenarios, Mconnect Shipping Rule Magento 2 Extension comes to the rescue. It allows the merchant to create flexible shipping rules to be applied as per products added to the cart. For instance, an e-store sells electronic appliances ranging from a small iron to large ones like T.V. sets, washing machines, etc. If both iron and washing machine are added to cart simultaneously, then the shipping charge added using default Magento functionality will be a misfit than the actual scenario. If the “Shipping Rule” extension has been installed in the store, then the merchant is saved from such situations.

    Let’s talk about extension’s features in depth. It starts from giving a suitable name to the shipping rule. It lists all the shipping carriers available on merchant’s website. The merchant needs to select the ones for which shipping rule is to be applied. With increasing competition among e-sellers, the need of efficient marketing strategies has emerged to attract customers. Some of them inbuilt in Magento are coupon code and shopping cart rule. The shipping rules created by this extension are capable to be compatible with this coupon code and shopping cart rule.

    Usually, shipping carriers do not ship on weekends. But if the customers ask to have the shipment available on weekends, then the merchant can make a deal by charging some extra. This can be done by choosing applicable days of the week while creating the shipping rule. Merchant is given the flexibility to create more than one shipping rules. So, situations may occur in which more than one shipping rule is applicable. This condition can be avoided by prioritizing the shipping rules.

    The main thing here is the shipping rate calculation. When all the conditions specified in a shipping rule are satisfied, the shipping charges are calculated as per the given calculation. Types are calculation is “Replace”, “Surcharge” and “Discount”. Replace will change the shipping charge to the value entered in “Maximal total rate” field. The surcharge will add the value to the existing shipping charge. Discount will subtract the percentage entered from the existing shipping charge. The charge is to be entered as per the option is chosen. Over and above, other conditions based on orders, backorders, weight, quantity and price range can also be applied.

    The shipping rule can be tailored to specific products and categories as well. Another out of the box feature is shipping rule can either be applied to all the store views or specific store view. It also provides customer group selection. With this feature, the merchant can provide special shipping rates to their loyal customers.

    Thus, shipping rule extension will offer easy shipping charge management to the merchants and save them from losing money. This power-packed extension is made available by M-Connect Media at https://www.mconnectmedia.com/shipping-rules-magento-2.html. Furthermore, the extension is developed by Magento Certified developers keeping in mind the standard structure of Magento 2.

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