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Top Quote A famous singer in Israel in a live concert uses NoviSign revolutionary new service for interactive digital signage at events, creating an active connection with participants by using social networks. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) June 19, 2015 - Exciting news in the world of digital signage: NoviSign launches a revolutionary new service for interactive digital signage at events, creating an active connection with participants by using social networks. "The idea is to let the people who attend the event feel like they're a true part of it" said Gil Matzliah, NoviSign CEO, "It enables event planners, hosts and producers to create powerful engagement between the audience and the event's theme." This new service launched few weeks ago at a live concert at Tel-Aviv in front of 4,000 people, featuring the diva of the Israeli pop music scene - Rita.

    Last month, NoviSign made a brilliant event even greater when they launched a new digital signage service that enables to create a live, dynamic slideshow of the people taking part in the event. The launch took place at the concert of Rita, one of the most loved Israeli singers and included over 4,000 participants. The super cooperative audience was asked to take pictures of themselves and then to upload them to their Instagram account with the hashtag #RitaShow. Every picture taken and tagged showed up automatically on the two huge screens on either side of the stage. It was hard to tell what the audience was enjoying more - the stellar performance by Rita or being a part of it by having their pictures displayed larger than life next to the singer.

    The Power of an Engaged Audience - Double the Pleasure - Double the Love

    The screens brought the event two major values:
    1) Heightened Engagement at the Event - Giving the audience the chance to take an active part in the event and to feel more engaged. Hundreds of pictures were uploaded at Rita's concert in less than two hours. Attendees were excited that their pictures would appear on the stage's screens, making them a star for 5 seconds. There was a palpable buzz in the audience as they snapped selfies, group shots and shots of the beloved performer.

    2) Social Promotion that Keeps the Party Going - virtual exposure when over 25,000 people explored the show's content on Instagram and Facebook. Although the event was using Instagram, the effect also received significant attraction on Facebook as people also posted Instagram posts on Facebook, resulting in a record increase of 30% of people entering the Artist's Facebook.

    So how do You Motivate to Participate?
    It's not difficult to motivate people to take part in this activity. Most people today are already active on social networks and have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. "Rita's audience was in the age of 30 - 60 age range (vs. 18 - 25 that are more active on the Instagram) and we were worried about the amount of participation that we would get on the screens", said Gil. "We were thrilled to discover that there was no cause for concern, and that the audience was very enthusiastic about taking part in the activity."

    The activity was publicized a few days before the show on Rita's Facebook page. She also personally invited her fans to be a part of the activity on her personal Instagram page. These actions and the activity itself at the concert created special interaction between Rita and her fans - she let them feel that they were part of the show and they showered her with love.

    A Huge Undertaking?
    One of the best things about NoviSign's new service is that it doesn't require any maintenance during the event, just minimal preparations before. You can easily create and design your screens on NoviSign's editor and choose the hashtag that you want. For Rita's show small postcards were distributed at the entrance inviting people to take part of in the activity.

    This new breed of social activity can display a beautiful, live wall with real time social media slideshows at festivals, weddings, performances, parties, proms, concerts, conferences and more. The live social walls can pull social media data from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The live feed will update by #hashtag instantaneously, creating a real-time slideshow. NoviSign's digital signage software also enables producers to combine other content on the screens such as advertisements, announcements and promotions.

    NoviSign digital signage is an independent software as a service (SaaS) that enables the management of dynamic campaigns from the cloud to any IP-based sign anywhere in the world, from any web browser. A user can broadcast the same or different targeted messages to any number of signs at an unlimited number of locations in real time. NoviSign platform is a do-it-yourself way that anyone can login online and start broadcasting in just few minutes to any screen. During the past year, NoviSign introduced new social interactive widgets such as social media, polls and games enhancing visitor engagement at venues such as bars, restaurants, shops and clinics.

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