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  • In 2007, Live Oak Bank started to provide veterinary business loans to small, independent businesspeople looking to expand, remodel, refinance and/or acquire an existing practice. From the beginning, we took a personal approach and saw our clients not as numbers, but as real people facing real-life opportunities and challenges. We offer big bank expertise but provide personal attention to all of our customers to ensure their long-term success. It worked - for us as well as our clients - and we expanded our veterinary funding programs to serve the needs of private pharmacies and dental offices across the country. For additional information about Live Oak Bank, please visit www.liveoakbank.c
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  • Live Oak Bank Pledges $3,000 to Assist Project C.U.R.E
  • Project C.U.R.E. will hold this years First Ladies' Luncheon on Friday, September 16th, providing an educational opportunity for distinguished guests to learn how the organization lends healthcare assistance to developing countries.
  • September 13, 2011