Life Long Dodger Fan Discovers The Staggering Statistics And Offers Relief To His Fellow Die-hard Fans

Top Quote is a directory of bars that are playing the Dodger Game, created by die-hard fans to help other fans who don't have access to the game. End Quote
  • Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA (1888PressRelease) April 06, 2014 - I had been out of the office for 3 days last week at a convention so I was flooded with guilt for taking another day off of work to watch the Dodgers home opener against rival Giants. For once in my life I was going to actually put my job before my Dodger tickets so I parted with my tickets to my neighbors co-worker, another lifetime Dodgers fan. I felt comforted that I at least had bought an AM/FM radio to bring to the office to listen to Vin Scully tell me about the game.

    Before the game started I continued to think to myself this is an utter tragedy for a lifer like me to miss watching this game. I work in marketing and I sit next to Felicia Ceballos who does web design and by the way was wearing Dodger blue and felt my sentiments regarding missing watching the game as well.

    I continued to scurry about my seat as my daily tasks winded down and left me with the afternoon to watch the game and I said to myself, "If I wanted to watch the game, where would I go? I don't have Time Warner." I am like everybody else; I am in a contract, so the cost of cancelling my service to succumb to Time Warner's choke hold is a bit much. Similar to the Lakers new contract a few years ago, I'm sure this will not last forever, but I rarely miss a game all season, let alone the home opener. Felicia and I did the "google" search and found that Time Warner did offer a link to show you where to watch the game, but since it has been taken down.

    I came up with the idea to start a site that would deliver a directory for Dodgers fans to watch the ball game at their local sports bar. The name would be similar to another quite large website promoting you to push your provider to negotiate with the beast that is Time Warner. I then print list upon list of sports bars throughout Southern California and get on the phone making calls to identify if they have Time Warner Cable.

    This is where it gets really depressing and very interesting also, after we made 250 calls we only were able to identify 25 bars, so only 10%* of the business community has Time Warner Cable. During my two-person call-a-thon we had a ton of very irate bar owners talking about "We don't have it in our area". My favorite was that about 20% of the people starting actually using it in their opening lines "Hi this is Michelle and NO we don't have the Dodger game, however; we have a special today."

    I don't blame the Dodgers, however; I blame the company that they signed the contract with. The Dodgers have a high priced payroll that this contract makes it affordable and could put us closer to the Fall Classic. Currently the Dodgers payroll is the highest in baseball at $235.6 Million** and Time Warner Cable is paying them $210 Million*** of it this year. So the numbers work, the way they are distributing the rights to the providers does not work. I ask that Time Warner cable quits its strong hold on the community and its fans and continues its talks with Verizon FIOS for me and especially DirectTV. I found that DirectTV makes up about 70% of the business' I called.

    For now if you don't know where to watch a game go to and if you are a business that needs to be added to the directly please feel free to contact me at bgabster ( @ ) gmail dot com

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