Leading HCG Weight Loss Website Celebrates First Year Anniversary of Being Online

Top Quote For the past year, myhcgplus.com has been delivering accurate and timely information as well as products to help thousands of readers understand and benefit from the HCG weight loss method. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) August 10, 2010 - The information landscape relating to weight loss is profoundly massive to say the least. Weight loss fads come and go, and the parade of weight loss gurus is incessant to the point of being annoying. It is no wonder that the weight loss industry is facing a credibility crisis, and the public has become leery of claims of effective weight loss programs, irrespective of how the message is delivered. In an environment of here today and gone tomorrow, it is refreshing to see a site that has managed not only to captivate its readers, but also sustain their interest for an extended period of time. It is therefore with great pride that hcgquickweightloss.com announces its first major milestone: their one year anniversary.

    HCG is a naturally occurring hormone, that when used in conjunction with a low calorie diet, can convince your body to metabolize and burn fat in such a manner that results in accelerated weight loss. This approach to weight loss also targets certain biological functions so that the individual can sustain their new body weight, effectively resetting the body's weight threshold. Practitioners of HCG weight loss programs report losing five to ten pounds per week, feeling more energetic and not succumbing to the urge to binge once they enter the program.

    HCG works by prying open fat cell membranes, enabling fatty acids to exit fat cells. Once released, HCG burns the fat cells and discharges the rest through the kidneys. Coupled with a low calorie intake, the HCG induced process enables the practitioner to realize reduced lower blood sugar levels. Along the way, the hypothalamus resets the body's weight marker, enabling the practitioner to maintain his or her new, lower weight.

    For people looking to eschew their roller coaster, yo-yo ride through the weight loss circus, they can take comfort in the fact that many like them have discovered myhcgplus.com, an indispensible resource that has is celebrating not only its first anniversary, but also its arrival at the zenith of HCG weight loss sites. In a thirteen point comparison test, myhcgplus.com has finished ahead of twenty four other sites dedicated to the HCG weight loss method. Moreover, unlike others, myhcgplus.com also has a complementary client touch point with its Facebook page located at facebook.com/myhcgplus.

    "The astounding number of products out there purporting to be the silver bullet to weight loss has rendered the consumer more confused than ever in their quest to find something that works. Myhcgplus.com was launched a year ago to address this concern, and we are happy to report that thousands have benefitted from our information and products," notes Janet Wilson, a leading associate at myhcgplus.com.

    Total Health is Natural, Inc. publishes the health site myhcgplus.com, the number one HCG weight loss website. The company offers information and products through their website and also offers free HCG protocol support through their Facebook page at facebook.com/myhcgplus.

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