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Bill Lichtenstein
One Broadway; 14th Floor,
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United State 02142
Phone: 617-682-3700
FAX: 617-682-3746
What Makes us Different?
We have a background in news reporting that allows us to be highly-targeted, efficient and cost-effective.
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No. of full-time employees: 6
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Award-winning media production and outreach/promotional company.
Lcmedia - Company Description
Lichtenstein Creative Media
Two decades of Innovative Strategic Communications,
Educational Outreach and Social Marketing Campaigns

Lichtenstein Creative Media, Inc. is an award-winning independent media production company located in Cambridge, MA. LCM has extensive multimedia production, distribution and educational/community outreach and public relations experience, particularly with health, human rights and social justice issues.

LCM and it's founder and president, Bill Lichtenstein, have been working for nearly a decade to develop and utilize state-of-the-art communications, media and social marketing strategies to effectuate measurable changes in public attitudes, behaviors and policy regard to health treatment and policy. In recent years, LCM has worked with a variety of non-profit, educational and governmental organizations on the design and implementation of strategic communications and social marketing campaigns.

These include:

A three-year mental health anti-stigma campaign, created under contract with New York City, which included the first major qualitative and quantitative research into what people in a single city thought about mental illness and what it would take change their attitudes.

(1994– 1996) The first primary research, conducted in partnership with the American Psychological Association, just months after the September 11 th attacks, into who was recovering from trauma resulting from the terrorism – and who was not.

(2002) A video on the success of community mental health crisis residential programs for the National Institute of Mental Health.

(2000) Research and a video detailing the treatment of people with mental illness in emergency room care settings used to help train ER medical staff.

(2003) Research and video targeting people newly diagnosed with depression, containing frequently asked questions by those newly diagnosed with the mood disorder, with answers from leading clinicians in the field.

(2004) A video and outreach campaign targeting the families of people living with Borderline Personality Disorder, informed by the first primary qualitative research conducted into what had helped or hindered families and those living with BPD in recovering from the illness.

(2006) Advised California Mental Health Services Act (Proposition 53) commission on implementation of strategic mental health prevention measures.

(2006) Development of an “Information Resource Kit for Mental Health Promotion and the Prevention of Mental Illness and Behavioral Disorders” utilizing best practice mental health strategic prevention measures. Working in partnership with Abt Associates.

(2006) Prevent College Suicide Campaign, which includes the first ever qualitative and quantitative research into the attitudes of college students regarding mental illness and its link to suicide. The research is also probing the reasons that students will – or fail to – reach out for help for a friend in need. The goal of the campaign is to develop the first “best practice” social marketing effort to increase college students’ awareness of the link between psychiatric conditions, which our research indicates that students have a high awareness of, and the risk of suicide. By doing so, the campaign will increase the number of college students seeking help for a friend in need, thereby saving lives.

For more information about working with LCM on a social marketing, educational outreach or community engagement effort, please contact LCMedia at
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Dell, Holocaust Museum, ABA
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