Launch of E-Books Series For Creating a Life of Well-Being and Living Life to the Fullest by Living Life Now Without Regrets

Top Quote Find out from well-being lifestyle expert, how to create a life of well-being; how to live life in the moment; live life with balance; find fulfillment in life and evolve into a happier more joyful existence despite living amidst life's chaos and confusion, and not wasted in regret any longer. End Quote
  • Washington, DC-MD-VA-WV (1888PressRelease) May 29, 2014 - From well-being lifestyle expert, "Is everything wrong with the way you are living your life? …Do you feel like you are not living the life you envisioned for yourself? …Do you feel like your life is not your own? …Are you frustrated with your life?"…Is your life stressful and unfulfilling? …Do you feel like you are on life's treadmill? …Is your life mundane and without excitement?" Well, you only have one life to live and you only go around once, the time lost cannot be recouped down the road. You cannot go back to those moments in your life. There's more to life than work. If you are among the many who's life is frustrating and out of balance, it's time to slow down focus on how you really want your life to be before it's too late. Start by altering your life to tip the balance back towards sanity with ideas about how to approach life differently.

    You need strategies and the how to help keep you and your life balanced and centered. There's where the e-book "What is Life trying to tell me?" comes in. The e-book provides powerful ideas about how to approach life differently to get out of the mere survival treadmill mode in relentless pursuit of a one-track mediocre life to a life you want to live.

    To begin changing your life, the e-books, "What is Life trying to tell me?", the "Window of Within" series which focuses on LIFE, LOVE, GOD or NATURE and the "A thousand miles of Paradise" series with a focus on LOVE & FRIENDSHIP, LIFE & SELF-EXPLORATION or NATURE & SPIRITUALITY; emphasizes a detachment from the chaos and confusion of life, slowing down to take a look at how life… speaks.

    The e-book release, "What is Life trying to tell me?" also covers topics of living beyond fear to create more happiness now through sensible steps in realizing and implementing ways of self-discovery amidst discouragement, hopelessness, frustration, worry and depression to living a more joyous and purposeful existence.

    The latest releases, the "Window of Within" series and the "A thousand miles of Paradise" series are mindfulness e-books dedicated to transforming lives from the typical humdrum lifestyle to a lifestyle with zest, purpose and meaning in life through an array of topics focused on development of well-being, spirituality, living a lifestyle of happiness and relationships.

    The e-books' author Nicole Anderson and well-being lifestyle expert guides readers on a personal quest in fully celebrating each moment in life. These e-books draw on the author's experiences and quest from a life of disillusionment to gratification and towards a life of more happiness and a detachment from those distractions that lead to a chaotic lifestyle. Whether in search of happiness, joy or a more purposeful existence, or a reduction in stressful lifestyles, the e-books "What is Life trying to tell me?", the "Window of Within" series and the "A thousand miles of Paradise" series takes each reader on a personal journey helping readers to realize and reach their mental, well-being, spiritual and life goals.

    Through meditation, deep thought and intense relaxation, the e-books provide the tools by which to live happy and balanced lives. The e-books share a mindfulness focus with messages from exploring matters of the heart, to finding well-being, to expressing gratitude, and more. In each e-book readers are guided by her sensible and direct approach to begin an evolvement of self as they explore the key philosophy of living life "better and happy."

    Nicole Anderson, well-being lifestyle expert and the author of "What is Life trying to tell me?", the "Window of Within" series and the "A thousand miles of Paradise" series says, "Feelings attempt to rule life, emotions attempt to serve as catalyst for seeing life outside of the light, when life truly can get better even when the light seems to have dimmed itself sometimes." The author makes it a priority to live life in the moment. The e-books' pages combine years of exploration, dedication and continuity in evolvement of life's quest for purpose and happiness, as well as a vast knowledge of life philosophy and tools necessary to live a life outside of fear, discouragement, hopelessness, frustration, worry and depression. The ideals formed in these -books transform and reframe a thought pattern outside a rulebook of instruction to practical ways of living and beginning tomorrow as a new day of positive change.

    To download the e-books visit and to find out more information, as well as other e-books by author Nicole Anderson visit

    These e-books "What is Life trying to tell me?", the series "A thousand miles of Paradise" and the "Window of Within" series are available on visit

    In addition, the author Nicole Anderson has a new blog with topics on Life, Spirituality, Love and Nature to communicate with her readers. Readers can now access the new blog "Live Happy Live Life" at Let your voice be heard and make your comments within the "Live Happy Live Life"' community.

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