Latitude51 Solar Explains the Significance of Solar Pool Heaters

Top Quote Latitude51 Solar, a premier and reliable supplier of solar water heating systems explains the ultimate significance of installing solar pool heating kits at home. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) May 29, 2022 - Northern Lights Solar Solutions has acquired the Latitude51 Solar to continue the Canadian distribution of the Northern Lights solar thermal products. This partnership ensures that Northern Lights Solar Solutions has become North America’s largest supplier of solar water heating products. Lattude51 Solar specializes in providing solar pool heaters with solar vacuum tubes. The ordinary solar pool heaters only heat during sunny warm days; but you can maximize your pool season through the solar water heaters supplied by Latitude51 Solar.

    Their solar pool heaters are much different than traditional unglazed plastic solar pool collectors. The solar pool heating system at Latitude51 Solar uses double walled solar vacuum tubes. This is why Latitude51 Solar explains the importance of solar pool heaters:

    1. Operate on cloudy days – The solar vacuum tube pool heaters absorb all form of solar radiation directly and indirectly. This means, the solar collectors will provide enough heat to the pool even during cloudy days.

    2. Don’t affect by surrounding temperature – Traditional solar pool heating systems work, especially when the air temperature is warmer than the pool water. Though the Latitude51 Solar’s solar pool heaters use solar vacuum tubes, it doesn’t get affected by the surrounding temperature. In fact, these systems can heat an indoor pool even at -40!

    3. Don’t affect by wind conditions – Wind cats as a radiator on a car and can remove the heat energy from ordinary pool collectors. With vacuum tube solar pool collectors, the pool won’t be affected by any amount of wind.

    4. Don’t use pool pump – A closed loop solar pool heater utilize a small 40 watt pump for water circulation. It doesn’t draw energy from the pool pump. As the system is in a closed loop, there is no gravitation force to overcome. It can offer big cost savings and greatly minimize the hassle on a pool pump.

    5. Not affected by Chlorine – Though the solar pool heating systems use a heat exchanger, the harsh damaging chlorine doesn’t enter the solar heating loop. It greatly prolongs the durability of the solar pool heating systems by 5 times.

    6. Operate in sunlight – Sunlight deteriorates plastic no matter whatever the chemical makeup is. Glass materials don’t get affected from solar radiations. So, the solar vacuum tube collectors won’t break down over time.

    “When your old solar pool heater stops working and you’re in the market for a new solar pool heater, consider the advantages of choosing solar vacuum tube solar pool heater. If you own an indoor pool, our solar pool heaters save up to $1000 annually and can work very well even during the winter. For the purchase of our top-quality solar pool heating systems, please visit our website at”, says a spokesperson for Latitude51 Solar.

    About The Company –
    Latitude51 Solar is a leading supplier of solar water heating products including solar pool heaters and solar PV systems for the convenience of clients. With extensive selection of solar pool heaters, you can make a right choice of heating solution for your pool. For more information, please visit the website at

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