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Top Quote Wealth Management Consultant, Charles Oliver, Receives Award. The team at The Hidden Wealth Solution help clients with personal finance, education of taxation laws and tax reduction strategies with having an internal tax team with a certified tax master of 32 years in conjunction with retirement planning, wealth management, financial planning and investment management. End Quote
  • Orlando, FL (1888PressRelease) April 24, 2019 - Charles Oliver, President of The Hidden Wealth Solution, recently was awarded “Agent of the Quarter” by Resolute Capital Partners.

    Oliver stated “I appreciate the recognition by Resolute Capital Partners. Financial planning is an art over a science in our ever-changing financial world. I can’t educate clients enough about the importance of wealth management, Strategic Tax Planning with Marginal tax bracket management and the impact it has on retirement planning. Consumers are typically not aware of the various tax deductions that can give them tax savings and especially with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Tax Reform. We coach clients so they can maximize their 401K’s and IRA’s and other retirement accounts. This is information they certainly won’t find through the IRS.”

    Oliver and his team at The Hidden Wealth Solution help clients with personal finance, education of taxation laws and tax reduction strategies with having an internal tax team with a certified tax master of 32 years in conjunction with retirement planning, wealth management, financial planning, investment management and management of retirement accounts. For over 20 years The Hidden Wealth Solution has been helping clients with wealth strategy solutions, so they avoid losing their retirement or pension plan to taxation, stock market losses and inflation.

    Oliver added “We work with Baby Boomers and business owners who have a pension, IRA or a 401K and have saved for years. Many clients come the realization that planning for retirement is very different than planning at retirement. The new tax reform has made the next few years vital when it comes to taking advantage of legally lowering future tax liabilities. We currently have a major tax sale and it may never be better than it is right now. The current political climate is calling for major tax increases as we don’t know how the next election will go and that makes now the best time to save taxes. Baby Boomers now retired or the over 10,000 Baby Boomers that are retiring a day for the next twenty years we find many of them are unsure what the next steps would be when it comes to using and managing their retirement plans as well as how to navigate tax savings and its impact on their retirement income. Most people are unaware of how to optimize the protection of their wealth. My team and I educate our clients on savings taxes on their income, on their IRA’s, on capital gains, sale of highly appreciated assets like real estate or businesses and what to do with their federal tax return to legally pay the least amount of tax. We answer questions like “What is a capital gains tax and how can I legally avoid it?” or “How do I calculate my tax bracket and how can marginal tax bracket management save taxes?” Retirement planning is something that everybody should be doing as savings taxes is controllable. You have to think with the end in mind. Start saving now to build your wealth but get financial advice from a experienced wealth strategist, registered investment advisor or Tax Planning focused tax advisor so you can maximize your savings and reduce your taxation.”

    The Hidden Wealth Solution also works with clients who are still in the work force and building their retirement wealth. Their team offers retirement advice and personal finance consultation to help clients understand capital gains tax, tax rates, their income tax bracket, what is considered tax exempt, how to save the maximum amount of taxes to helping client’s children in how to invest their IRS tax refund and more. Oliver stated we help many of our Baby Boomer client’s adult children as many coients have expressed wanting to make sure their kids get a earlier start to have a best outcome for their retirement “The younger generation, those just graduating from college, many of them are moving back home after college and starting their first job. They will be in better financial shape if they start investing in a 401K or a Roth IRA the right ways now as opposed to waiting. Pension plans are a thing of the past, we encourage consumers to seek the help of a financial consultant sooner then later, particularly for those who are in the middle of their careers. There is still time for those folks to benefit should they make changes to their savings plan.” Those that are retired and especially those that are reaching age 70.5 or over can learn how to strategically reduce or eliminate the IRS from their IRA’s resulting in major tax savings by not having Government forced required minimum distributions that push them into higher taxes and end up having 50%-85% of their social Security benefits taxed. The new Tax Reform will not last forever and the changing landscape of the political push for higher taxes is around the corner. The time to take advantage of saving taxes to secure the best retirement is right now.

    The Hidden Wealth Solution is located at 250 International Parkway, Suite 146 in Lake Mary Florida. Their investment management staff is available Monday through Friday from 9:00AM – 6:00PM EST. Consumers looking for a financial advisor that can help with retirement planning or offer personal financial planning are invited to call The Hidden Wealth Solution at 407-478-1599 or visit online at:

    In addition to working with clients and teaching them investment strategies, Charles Oliver is also a two time best- selling author and host of the weekly radio show, “Hidden Wealth Radio”. Consumers can listen to Charles every Saturday or Sunday morning on the following stations or find all radio shows at Consumers can also engage with Charles when they attend one of his complimentary educational wealth protection webinars hosted each Tuesday at 11:00 am, 3:00 pm, 7:00 pm and 8:00 pmEST. To register for this webinar, consumers are asked to go online at:

    For more information on how The Hidden Wealth Management Solution can help with retirement planning, investing, investment strategies and retirement tax savings, consumers are encouraged to call 407-478-1599 or visit online at:

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