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Kunta Kinteh Family Foundation Information
  • Mary Morlet
  • URL: http://kuntakintehvillage.org/
  • Non-Profit Organization founded by the descendants of Kunta Kinteh, working to provide clean drinking waterand basic social necessities to communities that live in abject poverty in Gambia and throughout Africa.
Kunta Kinteh Family Foundation Press Release -


  • Excusive Movie Premiere of Kunta Kinteh Island: Coming Home Without Shackles
  • Event dedicated to bring the history of Kunta Kinteh to the World and create awareness of the living conditions of the Juffureh people living in great poverty in order to raise funds to provide them with clean drinking water.
  • The Kunta Kinteh Family Foundation is pleased to announce that as part of our screening tour, we will be presenting the film "Kunta Kinteh Island Comi ...
  • January 19, 2015