Kindara App announces 10,000 pregnancies in last 12 months - Digitally Assisted Pregnancies Begin To Rival USA's Entire IVF Clinic Output

Top Quote Over 10,000 women have gotten pregnant using leading mobile app. End Quote
  • Denver, CO (1888PressRelease) February 25, 2014 - Kindara, a venture-funded women's health company that makes a leading fertility tracking app for iPhone has reported that over 10,000 women have gotten pregnant with the help of the app in the last 12 months alone.

    Through its mobile app, website, and online portal, Kindara ( provides software, education, and support to help women and couples learn about their fertility, understand their bodies, and maximize their chances of getting pregnant.

    The company has seen its downloads steadily increase since launch in mid-2012 and has been downloaded in 134 countries, with the two biggest markets being the US and the UK. "Since our launch we've been laser-focused on giving women the best possible tools to understand their bodies and take their fertility into their own hands," says William Sacks, co-founder and CEO of Kindara. "To have helped more than 10,000 women conceive in the last 12 months is an achievement of which we are all incredibly proud. With our current rate of growth, our industry is on track to rival the pregnancy rate of all the nation's fertility clinics within a couple years."

    As the app's popularity grows, users are reporting nearly 500 pregnancies per week. The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology reported 61,740 babies born from IVF procedures nationwide in 2012.

    "In the beginning, we would ring a bell every time a user got pregnant," says Sacks. "Eventually, the constant bell-ringing started driving us crazy, so we had to stop doing that."

    Women use Kindara to track daily information that is relevant to their fertility - such as waking oral temperature, other fertility signs, home test results, and diet & fitness information. Women enter more than 200,000 data points into the app each week. The app analyzes the data and shows each woman what is happening with her fertility each day. "It's amazing what women are learning about their bodies through our app," says Sacks. "Not only are we helping hundreds of women successfully conceive each week, but we're helping women identify previously undiscovered fertility issues like anovulation, hormone imbalances, and thyroid problems. Once identified, women are working with their practitioners to fix these problems, and eventually get pregnant."

    By tracking their daily data and understanding their bodies, women are using Kindara to get pregnant faster and at lower cost than common medical procedures. Whereas the Kindara app is free, comprehensive fertility testing can cost anywhere from $200-$5,000, and the average cost of an in vitro fertilization cycle is $12,400. "The future of healthcare is personalized, predictive, and connected," says Sacks. "Helping people make sense of their data, understand their situation, and take control of their health is a key driver to lowering costs and improving outcomes in our healthcare system."

    "I started charting [with Kindara] when I wanted to get pregnant, and within one month, we conceived," says Katinka Locascio, a Kindara user and investor. "We knew about [our daughter] from the very beginning because I was able to tell from my charts that I had gotten pregnant."

    "I was able to share my charts with my healthcare practitioner to have a very accurate estimate of my due date based exactly on the date of conception. We're very happy about it…and very grateful to Kindara for the great work they're doing," says Locascio.

    "Many women suffer needless anxiety and depression because they lack great tools to adequately manage their fertility," says Sean O'Sullivan, Managing Director of SOS Ventures where Kindara is portfolio company. "The human body doesn't come with a control panel and gauges that show a woman what's going on inside her reproductive system. But Kindara does. As an investor, we look to support disruptive technologies which improve the human experience. We are delighted with Kindara, because the app is helping create human life, which is where it all begins."

    Kindara is a graduate of HAXLR8R, the leading global accelerator for hardware-focused startups in Shenzhen, China.

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