Kiara Cancer an Effective Leader and Inspirational Role Model Invited to Prestigious Forbes Business Council

Top Quote Kiara has overcome major obstacles to reach her goals and support the community with her business Extraordinary Headhunters LLC. End Quote
  • Columbia, SC (1888PressRelease) February 11, 2020 - Effective leader, inspirational role model, and CEO of Extraordinary Headhunters LLC, Kiara Cancer, has cordially been invited to be a part of the prestigious Forbes Business Council.

    Forbes Business Council is an invitation only community for successful business owners and leaders. The Council is designed to provide business owners with additional opportunities to promote their leadership and help their local communities.

    Owners of Extraordinary Headhunters LLC, Julius Streater & Kiara Cancer, are extremely grateful to be a part of the Forbes Business Council and they are looking forward to connecting and providing resources to the local leaders and support the growth of the community.

    “This accomplishment is truly a blessing,” states Kiara Cancer, who has developed into an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader. Kiara’s journey, however, has not been easy, beating the odds while overcoming many personal adversities and hardships. In a major test of her character and a show of her personal strength, Kiara suffered a traumatic brain injury – something that often costs people their lives.

    Despite outside doubts and the daunting odds she was up against, Kiara held onto her faith, receiving support and encouragement from her family. She trusted in God to lead her out of the self-doubt and to show her how to claim recovery for herself. It was this immense hope she cultivated in her heart that propelled her from one day to the next, inspiring her to respond to every piece of disheartening news with courage and fortitude. She refused to allow anything to keep her down, her drive, will, and tenacity would not allow anything to prevent her from building her dreams.

    Making a promise to herself, Kiara laid out a road to recovery. She said that no matter how difficult her life became – even if the worse was not yet behind her – she would continue to work for her recovery and do whatever she needed to do to grow into her full potential, remaining tenacious pushing through barriers of doubt, with the willingness to persist despite all odds.

    In addition to making a promise to herself to recover, Kiara made another promise to help others. She resolved that once she was able, she would do whatever she could to have a positive impact on people's lives. Whenever she saw someone in need, she would respond in kind and, however she could extend a helping hand to the people around her, she would do it, unhesitating and unwavering.

    Before long, Kiara made a full recovery and she set her sights on bigger and better goals. Five years after her powerful story was featured in a local newspaper, where she stated her dream was to start her own staffing agency. Kiara was truly accomplishing her dream.

    In 2018, Kiara had a clear and compelling vision that served as an anchor, no matter what challenges came her way. She stepped boldly into her role as a business owner, serving as the leader of Extraordinary Headhunters LLC along with her fiancée Julius Streater, a staffing agency committed to consistently delivering expert-level customized staffing solutions to clients nationwide. Having partnered with many companies to create jobs within the Columbia community, she is making a difference in people's lives, empowering them to do meaningful work while she also provides a vital service to businesses across the country.

    Today, Kiara employs as many as 300 people in the Columbia area. She is an executive who leads by example, and she has done the seemingly impossible, turning a horrible situation into a thriving career, her whole life an emblem of what is possible when one will not quit. While it was not an easy journey, she managed to weather the storm and exceed well beyond her dreams.

    Despite every difficulty, she was not going to stop working. From homelessness to a traumatic brain injury, there was nothing that could slow her down or get in her way of accomplishing her goals. She has established her company as one of the top staffing firms for manufacturers in Columbia, just one short year after her start.

    Kiara credits her family and mentors as her biggest inspiration through it all, she states “everything that I do is for my family sharing her home and her life with her fiancé Julius Streater (Co-Founder) and their three children Imani (5,) Julius (2) Kareem (1) Streater.

    She also gives praise and thanks to a phenomenal woman who invested everything into molding the strong woman Kiara is today - her mentor Brenda Streater. “She truly made an impact in my life, leading by example,” she states, “The power of mentorship is undeniable.”

    Danny Jagan and Pauleanna Reid, who also provided mentoring and support throughout her journey, empowered her to work hard and inspired Kiara in so many ways. They taught her to never accept defeat no matter what and to be consistent in everything she does.

    Extraordinary Headhunters LLC set a goal to partner with Forbes Business Council, and Kiara is grateful the company was vetted and selected by a review committee, based on the depth and diversity of experience. Criteria for acceptance include a track record of successfully impacting business growth metrics, as well as personal and professional achievements and honors.

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