Ken Wasil's Book A Great Escape: Short Stories for Travelers is Like Hopping on a Jet to the South Pacific

Top Quote This new exciting and stimulating book features stories from around the world: Europe, Eastern Europe, Egypt, Indonesia, several U.S. cities, and South America. It gives summaries of a selection of the stories and lists current sales and where to buy it. If you don't have a vacation coming, read this book. End Quote
  • Boston, MA-NH (1888PressRelease) November 23, 2017 - If you need a break from your daily life, but don’t have a vacation coming, you’ve got to read A Great Escape: Short Stories for Traveling. It will inspire and refresh you and help you forget your day-to-day life. The author Ken Wasil has done extensive travel throughout the world. He’s penned stories about Egypt, Indonesia, France, Eastern Europe, the rainforests of South America, and a variety of locations within the United States.

    Here are descriptions of just a few of his short stories to wet your appetite:
    The Sands of Time: An avid travel is given a tour package of Egypt for a gift. He hates tours, so to escape tourists, he buys a camel at a camel market and then rides with the vendor through the desert. He and two young women are kidnapped by terrorists, who have the intention of creating a new country in the wasteland. They are held in an ancient Egyptian ruin and must escape to survive.

    The Celebration: In this true story, a Hindu master, with supernatural powers, is lecturing and building shrines throughout the United States. He announces to his staff that he has decided to “die” in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A comedy of errors follows as his assistants plan his funeral while he is still alive and while interacting with the local people and culture.

    The Shepherdess A young woman, who has her purse and valuables stolen in Sophia, Bulgaria, accepts a job as a Shepherdess in the mountains of Macedonia. She is embraced by the family she works for and develops a crush on the young man she is replacing. She learns to give birth to lambs, fight off predators, and use hand and whistle signals to direct a sheep dog.

    Here’s an excerpt from Love in the Desert. A man backpacks into the mountains in the Southwestern U.S for his two week vacation. When he’s sleeping, a woman, who’s had a bad day talking with her “Ex”, wakes him up. They soon fall in love.

    "I dream of footsteps approaching and open my eyes. I see a woman—yes, I must be dreaming or hallucinating. She is slender with shoulder length dark hair and wearing a plaid flannel shirt, jeans, and hiking boots. I continue to watch her trekking along the hill. She’s singing a familiar Beatle's song:

    When I find myself in times of trouble,
    Mother Mary comes to me,
    Speaking words of wisdom,
    Let it be. Let it be.

    I venture a greeting to this apparition, “Well, hello, fancy meeting you here.”
    “Hi, I was out for a hike and got caught in the rain . . . thought I’d follow this layer of granite, so if it started raining again, I could stay dry under it.”
    “Come on in. I’m just going to make tea, like some?”
    “Now that’s a good idea.”
    “Actually, I was sleeping and heard your footsteps and singing, and thought you were a dream.”
    “Maybe I am.”"

    Ken Wasil is a freelance writer in addition to writing books. He has written The Quick Style Guide for Writing for the Web and English Usage, A Great Escape: Short Stores for Travelers, Mr. Thoreau Goes to Boston, Rivers of Words, and African Safari Bootcamp for Women.

    Read samples of short stories from A Great Escape at His books are available at Don’t miss his Free Fridays on Amazon. The Quick Style Guide is free on Fridays between now and the middle of December 2017. And you can download A Great Escape: Short Stores for Travelers at and African Safari Bootcamp for Women at for only $.99, on social discounts.

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