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  • Lions Escape Game Parks And Attack Pedestrians In Kenyan Cities
  • Lions, in search of food, have escaped game parks in Kenyan and made their way onto city streets. One elderly man was recently attacked and is now recovering in a hospital.
  • Ever wondered what it's like to be attacked by lions? At least four lions have escaped from Kenyan national parks in recent weeks and made their way ...
  • December 08, 2016
  • Women Flock to Survival Books and Movies
  • Today women are attracted to books and movies about survival featuring female characters. Ken Wasil's newest book African Safari Bootcamp for Women is just that: five women who go on Safari to improve their lives are stranded in the bush without food, water, or weapons. They are led by Mo, the tour's geologist and a Kenyan American who grew up with a Masai tribe, to safety.
  • Ken Wasil

    Men love survival fiction-and why not wo ...
  • July 16, 2016