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"tv. radio. online. solutions."
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BJ Drohan
1161 Concord Rd.,
Smyrna, Georgia, United State 30080
Phone: 404-605-0009
FAX: 404-605-0639
What Makes us Different?
For a quarter century, we've been all about solutions to help you communicate and spread your message. Whether it's a new product or campaign you're introducing to the world, a corporate announcement to employees worldwide, or a public service announcement to targeted demographics, we've got the ideas to make it great and the means to make it a success.

We're a hand-picked bunch of TV and radio news professionals, PR practitioners, and digital folks who understand your business and work together to get you maximum broadcast and digital exposure across the board. The media landscape is constantly changing and therefore, so are we.

Getting your message out there takes a lot of newsroom and online expertise but it's mostly about relationships. We love rolling up our sleeves and doing some good old fashioned media relations. We love having longlasting, ongoing relationships with our clients. We love helping our clients have better relationships with their customers.

We've heard it said that technology is a substitute these days but we beg to differ... and so do our clients. We're dedicated to success and personal relationships are key.
Company Information
No. of full-time employees: 20
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KEF Media delivers solutions to your Broadcast PR needs. TV, Radio, Internet.
Kef Media - Company Description
We could tell you we're an industry leader. But these days, everybody says that so what does it really mean anymore? So instead, we'll just tell you we love what we do and we're really good at it. We're always excited to work with new clients and nothing makes us happier than long-term relationships with clients who come back to us for every project. And oh yeah, for what it's worth, we really are an industry leader. And we'll prove it.

We're all about solutions - television, radio, digital. Satellite media tours, radio media tours, internet media tours, co-op tours, ground tours. B-roll production and distribution, audio news releases, corporate videos, eLearning, public service announcements. Social media, online video distribution, webcasts, webinars, podcasts.
Key Clients
Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Ralston Purina Company, Coyne Public Relations, Peter Jacobson Sports
Kef Media - Additional Information
You've got something to say. And we're here to give you a big stage to say it from. National coverage, local spots, worldwide online video, drive-time radio hits, employees only... you name the coverage you want, we'll build the platform.

We've got lights, we've got cameras, you've got action. From identifying the perfect talent to shooting b-roll, from lining up catering (the talent only eats raw organic food and the boss only eats well-done burgers? No problem!) to scripting an online video, and from handling every single logistical detail of your tour to reporting every detail after the fact, we're here. And we're ready for whatever you've got!

In fact, we're not only ready for whatever you've got, we're always looking for a good challenge. SMT with a blind mountaineer from the base camp at Mt. Everest? Sure... we even have experience doing it. B-roll from Iraq of active troops playing flag football with former college champs? No problem... done that too. SMT with a chocolate-covered vehicle... shoot live from a busy NASCAR garage... roll tape in a public restroom? Been there, done that. And while we'll happily do projects like those again, we'd really love to brainstorm the next great idea with you and make it happen!
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