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  • 875 S. 2nd St Sunbury, PA
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  • Kathryn Kaye is the author of many fiction and non-fiction books. Some of her works include True Tales of Ghostly Experiences, Spirit Seekers Series, The Haunted Lighthouse, The Abandoned Mine, Wasteland, In the Green, Stupid Aliens, Chakra Balancing: Seven Points of Light and much more!
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  • Spooky New Book Series from Author Kathyrn Kaye
  • Kathryn Kaye, author of the hit book True Tales of Ghostly Experiences, makes a splash in the world of juvenile fiction with her new book series, Spirit Seekers. The first book in the acclaimed trilogy called The Haunted Lighthouse is a real hit with kids ages nine to seventeen!
  • Author Kathryn Kaye is taking the world of juvenile fiction by storm with her new book series for kids and teens, entitled Spirit Seekers. The first b ...
  • September 17, 2013