Juan Reed the founder of Omerta Legal announces it first step in Combating Constitution infringement from Law Enforcement

Top Quote Omerta Legal a Seattle Based Company and a division of Skyrim Holdings has just launched its first step in combating Constitutional Infringement or better said Violations of Rights by law enforcement to its citizens. End Quote
  • Seattle-Bellevue-Everett, WA (1888PressRelease) February 24, 2023 - Omerta Legal and its staff, led by Juan Reed (Also Known as Ceasar ) to his friends and family. Has launched a nationwide campaign through a private app called OMERTA Legal. This app is the first of its kind to launch nationwide with the sole purpose of providing 24 hour 7 day a week legal representation to low to moderate income families, individuals, and companies.

    This app is designed to protect those who cannot afford an expensive, on-call lawyer with the responsibility of protecting their clients rights. This app does this by charging a low monthly fee starting at $9.99.

    After hearing about this app from a friend of mine at Apple Apps, and me being a former professional Public Relations for an International company and now practicing my profession independently. I wanted to talk with Mr. Reed and hopefully get some insight.

    After Placing a call to Mr. Reed.I actually got a chance to talk to him personally instead of some office staff. I told him who I was and the reason for the call and he said with some hesitation. Yes I will talk with you, is this a joke from one of my friends. I immediately said No. “ I was seriously calling you because I heard about your app through a friend of mine and this app you are building is a colossal advancement for citizens of the United States to get the representation they deserve.

    He said “ Quote un Quote “ Go ahead I’m an open book.” I said, well tell me about yourself and what made you start on with such a service. He then paused and said, Well do you want me to to start from the beginning cause this could get lengthy.” I said you start where you want.
    He started off with the old Ronald Reagan introduction of “ Well “ and I laughed and then proceeded to his life story.

    “He said I am 1 of 5 siblings by my DAD. My dad was absolutely great and did what he could for his family working off a police officer's salary. Before my dad passed away 4 years ago, he had been a twice retired police officer and my mother was the Former Chief Protocol Officer for Langley Air Force Base. My brother was a former Army Provost Marshal, My Sister a Army Helicopter Pilot. My younger brother, a Business Tax Auditor for the Virginia Department of Taxation and my younger brother who passed away early in his life, was a successful project manager for the Government, I am not going to name the government agency.”

    He then said, “ Me, started out in security very young, I started out as an unarmed security officer working in Virginia and then was armed and then became a private peace officer sworn in by a judge. I don’t know if they still have that program with security officers or it might be called something else but basically it gave private security officers the power of a police officer on their property they were protecting or contracted to.”

    He Continued on saying, “ I worked those gigs for a while and had my first child. The expenses were overwhelming and this was back in the 90’s. I had to keep asking my mother for money because I wasn’t making enough to support my family, so my mom took it upon herself to get me a job with a government contractor working Private Military Security overseas. I was like Ive never done that type of security before. I went overseas as a Tier 5 Security Contractor and I love it. I was able to take care of my son and his mother and plus I loved what I was. Through the years I worked continuiously as a contractor and end up having 5 kids by my kids mother. I worked my way up from being a tier 5 contractor toa tier 3 contracot after being trained by Arm, Marine and some Airforce. I never had a chance to work with the Navy but did doa couple contracts doing Maritime Security with Loyds of London. In 2005 I came back and started working as a contractor with a California Company doing K and R Work. In lamens terms Kidnap and Rescue or Retrieval Work. I did some retrieval and recoveries over the years and ended. That was extremely dangerous being our main opponents were Cartel and FARC.

    I finally in 2008 went on a contract in the middle east and it was easy and when I came back through Florida I met my Ex Wife Amy. We met in a bar and she became my best friend. She followed me everywhere on local contracts. Some where in Mexico and then I took a job in Las Vegas as Security Director of a major hotel chain. I stayed in Las Vegas for four year and moved to Alaska. Alaska is where my legal career started. My wife didn't want me doing security anymore because I had been shot twice Stabbed, I had messed up knee and the fact she wanted me home. So I started doing bounty work up in Alaska and that got me into trouble with the Law and I had to fight for my freedom. I fought and won. I realized that I was good at researching the Law and putting it on paper. So I went and took a Paralegal Course. I finished the 18 month course in 6 months. I receieved my certificate and the tool the paralegal bar exam called the PACE Exam. Then I registered myself with the American Bar Association and The Association of Paralegals. Then opened up my own independent document preparation and research firm callled Alask Legal Resources. I boomed and was getting work from pro-se litigants and Law Firms. I then took class in Legal Investigations and work legal investigations. In my fourth year I got interested in tribal law and I focused on tribal law. I started representing individuals in Tribal Cases and administrative cases for Alaska Tribal Corporations in the villages. Did I mention that I ran a small illegal construction company, Laughing. Well yea I did. I ran this comapny without a licence and later 2021 after that company had been shut down for 4 years, the State of Alaska Dinged me for it.

    Me and my now ex wife Amy were separated. My pops died, my brother passed away and my ex wife left me to move back home to the east coast. I started working my magic again and got a Tribval advocatacy job in Washington. It was temporary so I moved down their temporarly. At least that was the intent. I had started working with the idea of a Legal App in 2020 and is was coming to me gradually the features and the planning. I did this while working for the tribes in Washington State. In 2022 I had the app creation set up and I had it built. I wanted it to be simple and fast to use but private. I figured out the niches and in December of 2022. It was created. And that my long life story about me and the Omerta App.

    I said wow! That was amazing. You basically puller yourself out of the mud to build this app. I then asked what inspired you. He Replied again, “ well that a long story also. But to put it simple. Most people convict themselves when confronted with the because they don't have on the spot legal representation like the wealthy. Through my years of being a paralegal 85 percent of the criminal cases had Constitutional Violations while in the intial confrontation. In otherwords most people convict themselves expspecially in the feds.This is done by the line of questioning the officers ask before you are able to be represented. This App knock this out. When you get confronted you automatically press one button on your phone and it calls us and we do several things in our process. We automaticall start recording the phone call. The subscriber tells the officer I don't want to talk my lawyer is on the phone and he is representing through telconference. Third we advised the police office that I have instructed my client to not answer any questions until one of our council or legal reps has a one on one with the client. This stops all the Constitutional Violations of questioning before the police officer starts.”

    We have other features in our app but that the jist of it...

    I asked him what are you expectations of the App. His reply was, I expect the app to fly once people know about it. It's highly affordable and in the meantime I want to stress and lobby for better police training... I want to bring back public servant and take away Law Enforcment in policing.

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