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Top Quote Music has a strong power to change brainwave activity, promote positive energy and even alter the heartbeat and breathing rate. All of these things help the body to overcome traumatic experiences and work to promote healing. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) October 03, 2012 - Beverly Hills, CA - Speaking in a universal language means expressing thought and emotion in a way that anyone can understand. The strongest universal language is music, and it is a language that has the power to heal. Dr. Joe Vitale, the world's first self-help singer-songwriter and star in the hit movie "The Secret", speaks the universal language of music with his growing catalog of healing music CDs. His latest addition is titled "The Healing Song."

    Research shows that music, depending on its tempo and rhythm, can influence brainwave activity in both different and positive ways. More beats and faster tempos stimulate a focused concentration and a sense of being alert. Sharpened senses can lead to clearer thought and decisiveness. Upbeat rhythms can elevate the heartbeat and lift moods to happiness and contentment. As often used in meditation and yoga, slower tempos combined with quiet tones and gentle melodies will reduce stress, aid in sleep and create a relaxed calm. By implementing music therapy in patient activities, medical professionals are using music to help patients heal.

    A study quoted in the Journal of Advanced Nursing states, "Studies have shown that music played via headphones reduced anxiety in patients during hospital care. Research has proven that conditions such as cancer, high blood pressure, surgery, labor pain, Alzheimer's disease and other age related conditions, substance abuse problems and brain injuries respond well to music therapy."

    In an effort to promote positive energy for healing, Dr. Joe Vitale has recorded "The Healing Song." It is the 4th CD in a series of music made to strengthen the spirit, relax stress and to heal. Recorded with fellow musicians that share Vitale's passion for personal development, his latest CD offers a collection of songs that will lift, inspire and guide the spirit to create positive energy and focus. Through daily listening, the music on this CD can heal using the power that only music has the ability to do. Relieving stress and clearing the mind of thoughts that hinder will open opportunity to unwind tension, clear the mind and allow the body a chance to erase pain and focus on healing.

    Joe Vitale's healing music CDs are the perfect companion for alone time in the car, exercising on the treadmill or playing in the background while you work in the home. Now with four different titles available, you can live each day with the positive power of healing music to enhance your energy and optimize your performance to its peak potential. Erase pain, unwind tension and stress and inspire yourself to go above and beyond just daily survival. With healing music, you can create an environment that allows you to thrive.

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