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  • The Jet Auditors concept is to have an experienced aviation professional who can be an impartial consultant to the aircraft owner after the purchase. Jet Auditors can use its experience in order advise the aircraft owner on decisions with the goal of maximize the aircraft%u2019s residual value, and to provide another set of eyes on aircraft managers invoicing. This service does two things- first, it helps keep the aircraft management company on their toes %u2014 just knowing an experienced aviation professional is looking will help you get a better product. The second advantage is it gives the owner access to an experienced independent aviation manager when decisions are contemplated about the us
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  • Houstoncompany, Jet Auditors, launches a Flagship Private Jet Auditing Service
  • Jeff Reid, a leading aviation executive and former President and CEO of the largest charter and management company in Houston, is proud to announce the launch of his latest endeavorů Jet Auditors.
  • is a new service aimed at helping businesses measure and cut the costs associated with aircraft ownership. With the uncertain economy ...
  • July 14, 2016