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    QuoteNew York investor Jeff Cohen predicts the end of language learning stating that universal translators will do all the work.Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 26, 2016 - New York Tycoon investor Jeff Cohen predicts the end of language learning stating that universal translators will do all the work.

    If you have watched Men in Black and Star Trek, or read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, you must have observed the universal translator in use. Well, this is fiction but now technology buffs believe this can soon become a reality. Since the fabled days of the Tower of Babel, language translation has impeded communication but with a universal translator, this would no longer be an issue.

    Speaking at futuristic innovations fair in Brussels, Jeffrey Cohen, the NYC millionaire known for his penchant to fund futuristic projects, said universal translators would soon become a reality.

    "Now for a moment, think of how cool it would be if you were able to instantly speak Mandarin to your new Chinese client without having to learn the complex tongue? Think of how much more fun you would have going through the streets of Paris and actually striking a conversation with people in French even though you didn't know a word of the language?" Cohen posed to the group of innovators.

    "Well, this will soon be a reality with a universal translator. Yeah, I know most of you think I have watched a lot of Star Trek but seriously, the end of language learning is coming soon," the outspoken tycoon argued.

    For lovers of science fiction, Captain Kirk's translator is something they would pay everything to use. However, with companies such as Google working on this technology, Cohen's ideas don't seem unrealistic after all. There are tons of prototypes in the pipeline and it is only a matter of time before an actual device hits the market.

    The device works by instantly translating what a speaker says into the desired language. The miniature device can be fitted in clothes' just like in Star Trek: Next Generation, which was a big hit. This means there are no awkward pauses in communication because the listener instantly gets what the speaker is saying. Just like earth's explorers are able to understand Klingon in Star Trek, you will be able to understand Arabic while on a trip to Dubai.

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    Jeffrey Cohen, Founder and CEO, has 7 years of experience in the same position at Golden Pear Funding, one of the top three national legal advance companies in the United States today. Mr. Cohen is also President of the Cohen Group, a private equity company managing a variety of investments and President of Operations for General Vision Services.

    Jeffery Cohen is the heir of the New York City's famous Cohen's Fashion Optical. Today, there are over 100 Cohen's Fashion Optical stores in major mall and city locations throughout seven east coast states and Puerto Rico. Learn more at

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