Jan Berkowitz Promotes Self Sufficiency in Transportation Sector

Top Quote Jan Berkowitz, a leader in clean energy for over 25 years, offers design and implementation of new energy products. End Quote
    Quote Jan Berkowitz began promoting the use of methyl alcohol as a fuel in internal combustion engines, a practice driven to improve transportation sectors Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 07, 2011 - Los Angeles, CA - Jan Berkowitz has spent the past 25 years promoting clean energy and helping a variety companies recognize the benefits associated with green business, both to the environment and their net income. Recently, Jan Berkowitz began promoting the use of methyl alcohol as a fuel in internal combustion engines, a practice driven to improve the transportation sector.

    The underground coal gasification technique offers many financial and social benefits over traditional extraction methods, most notably lower emissions, explains Jan Berkowitz. It can be used for heating, power generation, hydrogen production, or the manufacturer of key liquid fuels such as diesel fuel or methanol. IN terms of benefits derived from the transportation sector switching to this form of fuel, the benefits are numerous, explains Jan Berkowitz. Methanol is currently produced from natural gas, a non-renewable fossil fuel, which is obviously harmful to our delicate environment.

    Underground coal gasification helps our environment and those businesses involved with the process and end product. It's a win-win for everyone according to Jan Berkowitz. This process may not require an external water source to operate, a major environmental advantage over water-intensive coal mining operations and pulverized-coal-fired energy production methods, notes Jan Berkowitz. Because the gasification process occurs underground, explains Jan Berkowitz, lower emissions are incurred and this reduces environmental management costs.

    This process also offers a low risk of surface water pollution and reduced methane emissions because coal seam gas is recovered in the process, rather than lost in the atmosphere as in most conventional mining.

    Coal in situ Methanol (methyl alcohol) is a convenient way to use coal as a fuel in internal combustion engines and thus move toward self-sufficiency in the transportation sector, explains Jan Berkowitz. The production route is conversion of coal to synthesis gas (carbon monoxide and hydrogen), which is converted catalytically under high pressure to methanol.

    According to Jan Berkowitz, in situ coal gasification is cheaper than conventional mining and surface gasification, with less environmental impact and the capability for exploiting deep coal seams that cannot be mined economically.
    After extraction and processing costs and finally adding distribution costs and taxes, Jan Berkowitz has found a delivered pump price that is economically competitive with gasoline, making this process an excellent choice for businesses and our planet.

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    Jan Berkowitz provides knowledgeable and strategic insight into the clean energy market to a variety of companies. Jan Berkowitz understands that clean and renewable energy is important to both our environment and to a company's bottom line. Jan Berkowitz provides clients the necessary information needed to identify custom solutions to weak areas within their business environment and effectively implement and embrace clean energy technology.

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