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  • (1888PressRelease) April 23, 2011 - Miami, FL - Introducing ( - a free online Portal to inform and educate anyone looking to invest in gold or just interested in learning about the gold market. is a leading interactive Web portal featuring exclusive editorial content and comprehensive searches about gold. Find the latest news and commentaries about gold.

    The romance and allure of gold is enhanced by its unmatched versatility as an investment vehicle. Gold's value is intrinsic. It is a precious metal that cannot be destroyed or altered. Gold is highly liquid, has few geographic boundaries and can be bought, sold and stored in most parts of the free world with privacy.

    Gold is an investment you can trust.

    Gold can benefit you as an investor in a number of ways. Gold is a long-term store of value, a highly-liquid, internationally recognized asset of last resort. It can diversify and stabilize your portfolio and protect it against stock market fluctuations.

    "Is now the right time to buy?" With gold, the answer is always the same: "The right time to buy gold is when you understand what gold is and what it can do for your portfolio."

    Gold is a long-term storehouse of value. Historically, gold acts as a reliable "store of value" because it fulfills all the functions of money.

    Gold is portable and divisible, gold is easy to store in an emergency and far more reliable than paper money in a crisis.

    Gold is indestructible, relatively scarce, and cannot be "manufactured." Gold's value cannot be inflated away like paper currency.

    Gold is highly liquid. Gold is recognizable and acceptable as a form of payment which makes it easy to buy, sell or trade worldwide.

    Gold Keeps Up With Inflation. Economic cycles are permanent facts of life and one of the best reasons to acquire gold today. Even though gold prices fluctuate over the long term, gold has maintained its long-term value.

    In contrast, most currencies (including the U.S. dollar) and industrial commodities have generally declined in value due to inflation. This is why gold is often purchased as a hedge against inflation and currency fluctuations. And why so many investors around the world see gold as "the ultimate asset" - an important and secure part of their investment portfolio.

    Gold has kept up with inflation during the past 200 years. In other words, the value of gold - what it can buy in real goods and services - has remained remarkably stable over time.

    For example, a man's suit in sixteenth century England at the time of King Henry VIII cost the equivalent of one ounce of gold, roughly the same as a suit would cost today.

    Gold, the Hard Asset Diversifier - Whether your investment approach is conservative or aggressive, gold can play a vital role in diversifying your portfolio. Many experts urge investors to keep a portion of their total assets in gold. Many recommend a holding of 5% of 10% in gold and hard assets.

    Gold's low-to-negative correlation with stocks and bonds makes it an excellent portfolio diversifier.

    Gold is one of the best insurance policies for your portfolio. The purpose of diversification into gold is to protect the total portfolio against fluctuations in the value of any one asset or type of asset. Gold does exactly that. The reason is basic: the economic forces that determine the price of gold are different from and in many cases opposed to, the forces that determine the prices of financial assets.

    As a result, gold prices move up independently of stocks and bonds, often rising when stock prices fall, and vice versa. Simply put, gold can be viewed as portfolio insurance to guard against unforeseen stock market gyrations or a major high-tech stock market crash.

    It's Easy to Buy, Sell, and Trade Gold - People hold gold for safety, security, and privacy. When you buy the right gold, it's easy to buy, sell, store and transport in a crisis.

    Gold can be purchased in many forms including modern gold bullion coins and bars. You can make purchases in virtually any amount, ranging from a fraction of an ounce upward. The weight and purity of gold coins are precisely controlled and standardized by internationally-recognized refiners and official government mints, allowing you to buy with confidence and sell with ease.

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