Interview With Business Support Expert, Michelle Anene.

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  • (1888PressRelease) February 24, 2021 - Michelle Anene is a highly sought after business support expert who specializes in helping ambitious female entrepreneurs get client online while disrupting the market so they can gain visibility in their industry as an authority and rise to 7 figures in their revenues. Michelle Anene specialty is getting positive result in a rapid time frame.

    Tell us your story and how you got to where you are now.

    My story is very simple: I didn’t come from a very wealthy family, after university, I lived in a house of 7. I could hardly afford new shoes or an umbrella in the rain or a cab to get to work and back. I worked in the corporate field as an entry level project manager then had to relocate from Nigeria to United Kingdom after I got married. When I did, everything changed, I worked my way up to a senior project manager and while working, I started my businesses before quitting my 9 to 5 job to be a serial entrepreneur starting and growing business. I started a cleaning business and then started a luxury lifestyle and corporate concierge business, started an estate management business, own an affiliate marketing business and now as a business support expert mentoring female entrepreneurs on how to get client, increase their visibility and scale their business to 6-7 figures in 12 month.

    I have been featured as a guest speaker at global women club Amsterdam and will be a speaker at the global women summit, London. I will be co-authoring and authoring my two books this year.

    How did you come about your business idea?
    Going back to when I was working 9-5 before the idea of my business started, I worked as an entry level project manager and was supporting client and also heavily involved in delivering projects that were over 10 million pounds and above. I built a team of up to 80 people in different organizations that I worked with combined. I knew I wanted more, I knew that I wanted to be more responsible for more and started my own business. The first business I started was a fashion business. I had a website and initially as an entrepreneur, it was difficult to get sales, to get people know about the brand. I did not know what to do then I went to getting facebook ads to get sales and it was a very nice experience getting more sales but starting off, I did not have enough capital to push the ads. Later, I opened more companies, I did had my luxury cleaning company that started few years ago and it is still on, that is chelleluxe clean, while I was running that, I wanted more so I started chelleluxe concierge, that is literally in luxury lifestyle, it is a business whereby we provide luxury lifestyle concierge services to the elite in the country and globally. We also started offering corporate concierge services aimed towards the corporate organizations, senior executives and co, and last year, pandemic hit. We saw many businesses were closing down, they could not afford the turn-over in terms of sorting out salaries, employee needs. We started a personal assistant department where we are able to support entrepreneurs, corporate organizations who are looking for supports to get tasks done. I started a training where with the people we supported and helping them with creating strategies to boost the growth of their business so I found myself being a strategist and try to see that they able to use this strategies within their business to boost growth and it worked. My focus right now is trying to help female entrepreneurs to be able to start and grow their businesses quickly if possible 7 figures within 12 month.

    What strategy do you want to use to get people to be able to get 7 figures in 12 month In their business?
    What I do is share with them what I did in my business, basically it is a combination of so many things. First of all, we adopt the life launch method or accelerator launch method, where we go live to launch to our audience who are our target market. We employ the method of teaching in our business to teach about 3 pillars with our program, It is a 5 days program which we teach an open cards to sell and based on the fact that we were able to have a two way interaction with these live sessions and the fact that we were able to impact to them giving them quick brains during the short period of time. We invested in them and so makes them want to invest back in us. That is one of the strategies that we teach to help people to be able to get 7 figures within 12 months. If they are able to do this, 6 to 8 times a year, but in between this live launch period, we also teach them daily basis to get a team.

    How would you define a successful entrepreneur?
    A successful entrepreneur is the one who not only has achieved their financial goals annually but also at the same time has achieved a lifestyle of their choice, freedom of time rather than being stuck in their business. They have a team behind them, a power house team that basically drives the business. A successful entrepreneur is someone who is seen as a visioneer in the organization, who has a vision and goals, who also have a leadership skills to carry them along.

    What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?
    My favorite aspect is the fact that I am able to run my business at my own pace, my own time and show up when I want to or when I deem it fit, unlike when I was working 9 to 5 hours for someone else. With my dreams and visions that I have and seeing them come to life with the help of my team, that just brings joy to me.

    Can you share one of your most satisfying moment in your business?
    Yes, one of the most satisfying moment is getting someone for my program and within 5 days we got people to book and close clients. That is the joy, the fact that you were able to impact to your client skills and knowledge and they are able to do the work and to be able to see fast results.

    Can you give 3 skills needed to be successful as an entrepreneur?
    Leadership, without leadership, you will not be able to lead your team to help with your business. Mind-set, you need to have the right mindset if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Having the right mindset goes a long way and the third is, Connectivity and Networking, You cannot go a long way without having the skills of connectivity and networking. This has to do with connecting with other entrepreneur to get opportunities, collaboration and growth and see how you are able to connect with your qualified team to get them connect with you.

    What book inspires you?
    I think the book that inspired me most is the “four hours work week” by Tim Ferris, It inspired me because listening to it on audio was an eye opener, like Hey, someone can actually work for hours a week and turns into years without being able to know the essence. I think every entrepreneur should go listen to it or read it.

    Is there any mistake you made or any decision you made in your business that you wished you could have done differently?
    Yes, during my entrepreneur journey, one of the mistake I made was assumption, I assumed that my team could do a certain thing without training and put them in a place where they need to attend to a particular situation and everything was messed up and this act involves a client count. It was an eye opener for me, that it is very important that the members of the team are very well trained.

    How did you come about the name of your company?
    Oh, chelleluxe is an in-house name in a way, “Chelle” is the end of my name Michelle and luxe is for luxury really because it is targeting the elites. With me supporting female entrepreneurs in their businesses so they can get clients, increase their visibility, my target are elite female entrepreneurs and this is still part of the luxury in the name chelleluxe.

    A word of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

    I would say if you want to be an entrepreneur, go for it! You do not want anything stopping you, you want to go for it because so many people who started to be an entrepreneur really had no clue but because of the fact that rather than focusing on perfection, you are only focused on purpose. Your reason why, I would like you to know why before you start entrepreneurship. Know your why because that would make you push through your journey. People has gone through entrepreneurship and they have made it. There are 7, 8 and 9 figures entrepreneurs out there and you could be one of them. Do not let anything hold you back, just have the right foundation to scale your business.

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