International entrepreneur and leading speaker Chutisa Bowman has just launched her new blog

Top Quote "The Power of Woman" invites and inspires women to take a greater role in changing the course of their own lives and in being a power for change in their communities and the world. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 27, 2018 - Good news for ladies out there: Chutisa Bowman has launched another blog which focuses on empowering women. This one is called the Generative Woman Blog and it aims to help women from all walks of life.

    A known feminist and inspirational speaker, Chutisa Bowman has been focused on changing the way women think about their lives. For her, unless women see that they actually have the power to direct their lives to what truly makes them happy, they wonít make the most out of it. Bowmanís principles are probably more liberated and western despite the fact that she was born in Thailand because she grew up in Australia. Her liberal perspective on life is as well as her spiritual and cultural roots and these good blend makes her blogs so pleasant to read.

    Aside from the Generative Woman, Chutisa Bowman is also known for her other projects named The Luxe Project, No More Business As Usual, The2Bowmans and Benevolent Capitalism. Some of these projects venture more on her entrepreneurial interests, but always with a feminist outlook.

    "What I like about Chutisa Bowman is how calm and inspiring her words are--whether they are spoken or in blog form. They make me just want to get up and do something more meaningful about my life. They make me feel braver about making decisions that are outside my comfort zone. She makes me think out of the systems that have been holding me back," Leticia Holmes, an instructor and an avid follower of Bowman, testified about her past works.

    Beyond entrepreneurship
    Readers and followers of Chutisa Bowman might be wondering about how different the Generative Woman is from her other works. The difference is probably with the perspective. This time, Bowman is already 60-years-old and she has more to offer. She is also calmer and wiser in certain aspects of life and how her readers as women can direct their own, unique lives to their fulfillment.

    "I usually click on her blog entries to look for motivation. Iím an entrepreneur myself, and as a woman, Asian entrepreneur in Melbourne, itís easy to get overwhelmed. Her blogs and her talks online are assuring. But more than that, they are so useful. They provide me with more than just an inspiration. They give me actual ropes that can guide my career. Ironically, they also help me see life beyond my career," says Lisa, mother of three little kids and a thriving entrepreneur in her own right.

    Who is Chutisa talking to?
    Women, and those who are supportive of the women in their lives, can benefit greatly from Chutisa Bowmanís blog: Generative Woman. Even young professionals who are looking for their own paths in life can find solace in Bowmanís words. Itís uplifting to have someone who has been striving all her life to find happiness share with you what she has been through, and what she already knows.

    "For me, itís a nice roadmap," Lila, a newlywed, states. "Iím trying to build my life as my own person without losing track of the more spiritual side of what makes me happy. For me, Chutisa Bowman is a nice blend of both the pragmatic and the spiritual essentials of my life.

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