Inside The Twisted Mind Of Nathan Colanop: The Director Of Scream Park

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  • Sacramento, CA (1888PressRelease) August 13, 2019 - Haunted houses are one of the biggest attractions for the Halloween season. I’m personally a massive fan of them, as I adore the horror genre and always have. But there are a certain class of people who inhabit the haunted house business inherently, and those people are sometimes a little more driven and passionate than I am. I was lucky enough to come into contact with Ultimate Terror Scream Park in Sacramento, an enormous haunted attraction with three spectacular haunted houses inside of it. Having been around for over five years, Ultimate Terror has been the brainchild of the one and only Nathan Colanop. Colanop the park’s primary director, sat down with me for an interview on why the haunted house business is as strong as ever.

    I met with Colanop at the haunt and my, what an enchantingly creepy facility it was. I started with the basics, “What made you want to build haunted houses?” Colanop, a slender, tattooed, bug-eyed, black clad gentleman, was quick to answer. “What made the Romans build Rome? History. It wasn’t built in a day, mine sure wasn’t. But overtime, it’s garnered popularity, favorable reviews, and an admiration from the horror community. I built it for the world to see the scariest one possible.” I followed up with, “What makes it so scary?” Colanop replied ecstatically, “All of us make it scary. We all bring in with us our greatest fears and greatest enemies. We face them in here and sometimes we are lucky, sometimes we are just mortal. I’ve found so many to be just mortal. I faced my fears. I faced them.” I was puzzled by this point I admit. This was no ordinary director, but not someone who thinks he is deep for the sake of it. No, Colanop answered with a genuine tone, however it seemed cold, calculated, and gravel-voiced. He really believed all he was saying.

    “What would you say you bring to this company,” I asked, now a little shaken. “I bring the souls,” he replied, “I bring the souls here for the haunt to harvest. As you can see, we’ve expanded. The more places we are, the more spiritual and immaterial parts of the human condition we can possess.” I decided it was time to wrap it up. After all, it was the chief of staff I spoke to so I could get this interview, I had no idea what to expect of this man. “Well what is new for 2019?” Colanop leaned forward. I didn’t notice before, but for some reason, it seemed like his eyes were each different colors. “What’s new?” He slowly looked around, seemingly disturbed. “All of it. Can’t you see?” We were in his office. “I didn’t get a chance to see it actually,” I said. “You will,” Colanop bluntly stated, “you will.” I have never fast walked out of a place so hard in my life. Colanop stayed in his office after we said our goodbyes. I did not hear him walking out along with me. There were many hallways I had to navigate out of there, but still heard not a single other person in there. But when I made it out, jumped in my car, and veered off, I saw Colanop clear as day, standing right outside his haunt, staring at me as I drove away. His hands in his pockets, head cocked, and I believe half a smirk on his face. Ultimate Terror Scream Park opens this September in Sacramento. My advice, buy a ticket and see if it can top this weirdness.

    Ultimate Terror Scream Park
    3 Spectacular Haunted Houses
    4909 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95841
    Sep 27 thru Nov 2, 2019

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