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  • (1888PressRelease) October 03, 2023 -, through its innovative Pitch Events, continues to drive extraordinary success by connecting driven entrepreneurs with potential investors. Max, the founder of this initiative, leads these virtual sessions, providing an empowering platform to transform aspirations into tangible achievements. This episode marks the 66thepidode for this ongoing series, and we extend an invitation to join us for stimulating discussions every Tuesday and Thursday, from 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. GMT, broadcasted on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

    Max Sulpizi, our esteemed host, is a versatile individual who also serves as the Managing Partner at HSMI-Corporate Advisory. With a diverse background spanning venture capital, entrepreneurship, merchant banking, and CEO roles, Max brings a wealth of experience in successfully closing deals surpassing €100 million and leading fundraising efforts exceeding €50 million.

    The first pitch was given by Oscar Rubio, the CEO and Founder of Lodgerin. Oscar is seeking € 400,000 investment in a Seed Round.
    After sharing a brief introduction Oscar explained the issue “The housing owners use platforms which generates confusion in the kind of tenant that they are getting, the process after the booking process generates up to 35% over cost during the rental agreement “Oscar explained.

    Lodgerin stands out by consolidating key services on a single platform, simplifying the experience for property owners and tenants. This includes booking, digital contracts, rent payments, and maintenance, among others. He emphasized the market's impressive growth, now at 38 million, a 165% increase from last year. Projections for the next three years anticipate a 185% growth in mid-term rentals, driven by university students and young professionals seeking overseas housing. Over 90% of these rentals are expected to go digital, cementing Lodgerin's crucial industry position.

    “We’re different to our competitors because we focus on the housing owner having a B2B model” Oscar added. He expressed the intention to expand operations into the USA, necessitating the growth of both the Product and Growth teams
    During the Q&A session, Oscar mentioned that Lodgerin is exploring expansion into France, Germany, and Poland, showcasing the company's growth strategy.
    The second pitcher was Grace Jimson, the Co-founder and CEO of Holly Health, who is seeking £650K in funding.

    Grace shared a fond introduction before explaining that Holly Health is a digital coaching platform operating in a $115 billion chronic diseases market, an area that has not yet been fully impacted by technology.

    “We've reported 30,000 people and we partnered with over 150 GP practices for clinical delivery and we have an open funding round which is about 70% filled already” Grace explained. She also addressed the prevalence of preventable long-term chronic conditions. Holly Health offers an affordable solution: "Small Actions Leading to Big Outcomes" through technology and compassionate human support.

    The average users of Holly Health are in their 50s and typically deal with a combination of physical and mental health challenges, areas that healthcare systems deeply care about. Holly Health has collected over 900 hours of user feedback over the last three years, and the results show that 86% of users believe they have formed new habits after eight weeks, with an average increase of 19% in exercise habits. Furthermore, there has been a reduction in anxiety levels by 23%, and 34% of users require less support.

    She also mentioned that they have secured £325,000 through an Innovate UK grant, and she invites investors to join Holly Health in funding their venture.

    Next on board is Daren Forde, Founder and CEO of Samdai Ltd. Daren is seeking a £200,000.00 investment.

    Samdai is a platform designed to address urgent and last-minute logistical issues, with a primary focus on fashion-related matters.

    Daren recounted a personal disappointment when his wife encountered a wardrobe problem at the last minute of a planned occasion, leaving them both without an alternative solution due to the unavailability of the required service. Specifically, the ability to place an order online and have it delivered within the necessary timeframe was lacking.

    According to Daren, approximately 30% of women face this issue on a monthly basis. Samdai aims to be the solution by connecting retailers and customers to streamline the logistics process. This involves forging partnerships with retailers on one hand and encouraging potential customers to subscribe to Samdai with enticing benefits on the other.
    The core of his operation is centred around ensuring timely pickup and delivery, guaranteed within two hours of the order placement. Daren estimates that the current market for this prompt delivery service is valued at £14.4 billion, and he anticipates capturing 1% of the market share.

    Now, Samdai is operational exclusively in Sheffield and will remain limited to this area for the next three years before expanding to other cities across the UK.
    Emily Williams is the co-founder and CEO of Buffy Protein Dips, and she is currently seeking a $400,000 investment.

    Emily and her partner Audrey, both Kellogg-educated MBAs from Los Angeles, noticed a gap in the market for healthier food options lacking nutritional value. This drove them to introduce it.

    Buffy Protein Dips, which are rich in protein and not plant-based. The primary ingredient is chicken, supplemented with other natural flavours to ensure great taste. The product is available in three different varieties.

    Buffy Protein Dips can be used as a spread on sandwiches, as a pasta sauce, or as a snack. Emily believes that this versatility positions the product in a substantial market. In the US alone, the Dips and Spreads market is valued at around $40 billion, and it's projected to grow by approximately 6% through 2029. Emily and her team aim to secure a significant share of this market, with an anticipated revenue opportunity of $300 million.

    The shelf life of the product is currently undergoing testing, with results expected by the end of September. Additionally, they have assembled a Food Science team to fine-tune the product and have identified a USDA-certified co-packer and HPP facility willing to handle the manufacturing and preservation of Buffy.

    Emily mentioned that they have already begun the brand design process with Studio Please, a firm that has successfully completed projects for other well-known brands. She expresses great satisfaction with her team, which is composed of seasoned professionals in the field who have collectively contributed 70% of the initial investment.

    Before closing this fascinating session Max, our host requested all pitchers to briefly share their final message to potential investors.

    Emily started by sharing that Buffy distinguishes itself in the dips and spreads market by being the sole plant-based alternative. As consumers increasingly seek healthier, additive-free options, Buffy's clean and wholesome ingredients set it apart in the $40 billion snacking industry.

    Grace added that for those passionate about advancing healthcare, this is a fantastic opportunity with substantial government grant funding and strong traction in product development, marketing, and research.

    Darren explained that Samdai aims to transform last-mile fashion logistics, reducing CO2 emissions by 20-50%. Join them to make last-mile logistics greener, faster, and more affordable.

    Oscar closed the episode by highlighting that Lodgerin is a validated product with a team that has passed through several issues, it's generating traction and benefits and investors who choose to join the journey will not regret it.

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