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  • Loren Fogelman
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  • Loren Fogelman has been helping professionals and athletes reach their peak potential in Ashland since 1997. She is a results-oriented success expert who works with the highly driven individual, on and off the field. Ms. Fogelman is the creator of the Expert Sports Performance System, a series of 7 essential steps to peak performance.
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  • Michael Phelps Prepares to Regain World Swimming Championship Title
  • Michael Phelps is making a comeback in the swimming world preparing for the World Games in Shanghai, China. With 14 Olympic medals to his name he is used to winning. He already has five losses in 2011. Time will tell whether Phelps has the drive to turn around his performance to regain the world champion title.
  • Competitive greatness is not about how many medals and trophies stand in the display case at the end of the day. The journey, the person you become al ...
  • May 20, 2011