Inc Magazine Features SWAT Radon Mitigation As Quickly Growing Company

Top Quote Inc Magazine featured SWAT Environmental, a radon mitigation company, recognizing them as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) January 31, 2013 - SWAT Radon Mitigation was recently featured in Inc Magazine and praised as one of the most rapidly growing companies in the United States. Know whether radon mitigation company in the United States has ever been able to achieve this listing, and the company is continually selling additional franchises to individuals that are looking to get into the radon mitigation industry, and help individuals to better their health, protect their families, and generally limit the exposure to radon that individuals are forced to deal with on a regular basis.

    SWAT Environmental was originally founded in 2002, after numerous studies were released that showed the devastating effects that breathing radon on a regular basis can have on the human body. The owners of the company saw a real need to increase awareness and deal with the issues that are associated with breathing radon. It is currently estimated that a total of 7.8 million homes within the United States have levels of radon gas within them that would be considered to be dangerous. Radon has been linked to a number of different illnesses, the most notable and common of which is lung cancer. Radon has also been shown to increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers, a population that already sees a hugely increase risk of lung cancer due to their smoking.

    In the beginning, SWAT Environmental at one single employee that was working to install radon detection systems in homes. Since that time, the company has gone onto franchise their business, and currently has more than 100 employees that are operating in a total of 26 different states within the United States. The franchising model has allowed them to grow at a rapid rate, allowing entrepreneurs to open up their own radon mitigation companies under their brand, and utilizing the resources that they have been able to put together.

    It is currently estimated that radon gas is the leading cause of lung cancer in individuals that do not smoke cigarettes. This, combined with the hugely increase risk of lung cancer that smokers face when they breathe and radon, has made it a highly targeted subject for scientific studies, and has opened up an entirely new industry that SWAT Environmental was able to capitalize on. SWAT Environmental as a business has brought in more than $12 million in sales in 2012, and as a growth rate of more than 3000% overall. This, combined with the fact that franchise owners get the satisfaction of helping families to avoid catastrophic medical conditions have made them an excellent choice for entrepreneurs were looking to open a business that is not only profitable, but entirely fulfilling on the whole.

    Following the publishing and recognition of various companies in the United States as the fastest growing companies in America, in which Inc Magazine Features SWAT Radon Mitigation, the company has seen an immense amount of growth during that time, allowing them to bring new franchisees into the fold, and expand their business greatly following the feature. The company is at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry, helping thousands of families around the United States to curb their radon issues and be more healthy overall.

    Each year Inc Magazine recognizes the fastest growing US companies, in the most recent report, Inc Magazine Features SWAT Radon Mitigation, and SWAT Environmental has reaped the benefits of such a high profile feature.

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