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  • (1888PressRelease) June 28, 2023 - EquityMatch orchestrated a truly remarkable pitching session in a captivating display of entrepreneurial spirit, unlocking a gateway of boundless opportunities for aspiring startup founders. With an unwavering commitment to fostering innovation, they meticulously curated an environment where visionary minds flourished. This allowed global investors to eagerly absorb the transformative visions of the founders who pitched at the event. Thus, four founders were able to pitch their unique concepts at this event. EquityMatch's unwavering dedication and flawless execution ensured that this pitching session transcended expectations, serving as a catalyst for dreams turned into reality and as a testament to the power of unity in propelling innovation forward.

    Unveiling a pitching event like no other, the magnificent force of Massimiliano Sulpizi (Max) radiated throughout the session. With a trailblazing spirit that ignited hearts and minds, Max hosted the session with an unwavering passion. He is the driving force behind EquityMatch and the General Partner of HSMI-Corporate Consulting. He infected every moment with contagious energy, ensuring an amazing experience for everyone involved, with unlimited passion and unrelenting dedication. He is a seasoned professional with a track record as a venture capitalist and company entrepreneur. He has made a name for himself in the startup investing industry by taking part in multibillion-euro initiatives in the infrastructure, real estate, fashion, and technology sectors. With his infectious enthusiasm, Max not only breathed life into the virtual landscape but also fostered an atmosphere where dreams found wings and revolutions were born.

    The spotlight embraced Shershah Hassan as the initial speaker. He is the visionary force and spirited CEO and Co-Founder of KalPay. He is an individual who holds a degree in Accounting and Finance from LUMS and is a passionate finance enthusiast. At KalPay, Pakistan's top Shariah-aligned consumer financing platform, he is currently in charge of the team. Shershah is committed to imparting his wisdom and experience. He actively contributes as a faculty member at the National Incubation Center and LUMS CES.

    As the visionary force behind KalPay, Shershah painted a breathtaking portrait of their audacious mission. With resolute conviction, he unfurled a narrative of empowerment and change, casting KalPay as an enabler of education, income, and economic growth.
    In Shershah's words, the audience glimpsed a future where opportunities abound and dreams flourish, and they were left with no doubt that KalPay's bold vision would pave the way for a more equitable and prosperous society. According to him, they are unlocking new opportunities for financial inclusion, he says, “We are empowering the underbanked population of Pakistan by giving them access to financing through our digitized lending platform.” In Shershah's words, the audience glimpsed a future where opportunities abound and dreams flourish, and they were left with no doubt that KalPay's bold vision would pave the way for a more equitable and prosperous society.

    Amidst the electrifying atmosphere, the session eagerly welcomed Akshat Soni, a trailblazer poised to revolutionize the aerospace sector. He is a master of strategy and innovation and stands as a testament to the power of knowledge and experience. With an illustrious MBA under his belt, he has immersed himself in the realm of market entry, honing his expertise through countless endeavors. His tireless dedication and unwavering commitment have positioned him as a trusted guide in navigating uncharted business territories. Akshat is currently working in the Sales and Marketing Team of Hawk Aerospace.

    During the session, he was able to highlight how they are an Indian startup that is an all-around drone provider which is present throughout the country with exceptional pilot services and training. He says, “Our mission is to transform the world with a sustainable Aviation and Aerospace Ecosystem in aerostructure design and development, professional training, and flying operation.” Akshat was also able to elaborate on how they are recreating the world’s easiest Aero-system for the common man.

    In a seamless transition from one visionary to another, the stage warmly embraced Muhammad Furqan Karim Kidwai as the next luminary to grace the session. As an entrepreneur in the fintech sector, Furqan is driven to democratize personal finance in Pakistan. He has established himself as one of the top data scientists in the field thanks to his background in sophisticated machine learning, and deep learning, and strong analytical abilities. Additionally, he is an authority on IFRS implementations, particularly IFRS 9.

    Furqan is spearheading the charge to give young people access to asset management services through a streamlined investment and savings platform as the Co-Founder and COO of YPay Financial Services. During the session, he was able to emphasize how they are on a mission to democratize personal finance and savings across Pakistan and the Pan-Islamic region. He says, “We came into being the first centralized digital wealth platform for Pakistan regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission in Pakistan in their first ever regulatory sandbox.” Furqan successfully highlighted how they were able to scale since their launch in 2022 and acquire twenty thousand customers that actively use their platform.

    In a resounding pitch, the session reached its climax as Saivya Chauhan, the brilliant Founder, and CEO behind Blitz Electric Mobility, took the spotlight as the final speaker. Saivya is a captivating force of untapped potential, weaving a tapestry of brilliance through his diverse experiences as a system engineer and an academic researcher. Saivya's unique blend of technical acumen and intellectual curiosity propels him towards groundbreaking innovations, ensuring that his potential is boundless and her impact immeasurable.

    As a representative of Blitz Electric Mobility, he emphasized how they are making telematics and electric vehicles available to delivery operators worldwide. “We increase the number of deliveries for our clients, and we reduce the time spent as well as the miles traveled during the delivery. We are then decreasing the delivery costs,” said Saivya. He further elaborated on how they are now beginning their expansion as a first-mover logistic enabler in the greater Asia Pac region.

    The session flourished into a vivid exhibition of visionary pioneers and boundless concepts—a symphony of vitality, where diverse minds interwove invaluable insights and pushed the boundaries of entrepreneurial possibility. As the founders took the stage, they seized the opportunity to convey why investors should join their journey. Each startup concept radiated audacity and immense potential, leaving the audience and investors spellbound. The entrepreneurs' creativity and promise reverberate, etching an indelible mark of strength and potential upon the thriving startup ecosystem.

    The level of creativity and inventiveness in this session was limitless from the first pitch to the last. They radiated the room with their unrelenting devotion to their mission, leaving a lasting impression of their genius and passion. Similar events will be held by EquityMatch on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the rest of 2023. Along with free membership to the EquityMatch platform, which links clients with investors, participants will also get free marketing and promotion services. To find out more about forthcoming webinars and events, go to www.equitymatch.co and their social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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