If Pixar were in the video games business, Tiny Battles is the kind of game they would be making.

Top Quote Tiny Battles is upcoming game. The game stunning visuals and creative direction being led by Animajor Studios's Director. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) April 05, 2019 - Аnthony Christov - Pixar's Art Director of Finding Nemo, Wall-E and Incredibles 2

    Sofia based, Animajor Studios announces today, the crowd-funding start of their video game, Tiny Battles. Set in the nostalgic 1980ís, the game takes place in a middle class home, somewhere in Oregon. If you ever wanted to shrink yourself and climb inside your monster truck, remote-controlled car or become a pilot of your toy fighter-plane, not only will you be able to do so in Tiny Battles, but thanks to the gameís native VR support, you will be able to truly immerse yourself deep inside the action.

    The gameís stunning visuals are achieved using the Unreal Engine, with the creative direction being led by Animajor Studiosís Director, Yav Bonev. The engine was chosen for it's artists user-friendly interface and work flow, allowing the artists without coding experience to be fully productive from day one.

    Recently, Pixar's Anthony Christov visited Animajor's office and fell in love with Tiny Battles' visual quality, achieved with next to no-budget and Animajor's small team. Anthony had recently returned to Europe in order to run Idea Academy, based in Rome and Sofia. Depending on the success of the crowd-funding effort for Tiny Battles, Anthony has agreed to both allow his students to work on the game and to be a sort of a spiritual guide to the production team, using his 18 year experience at Pixar.

    Currently, the game is in alpha stage, enabling multiplayer deathmatch battles, between up to 12 players, using either toy planes or toy tanks. Using a range of perks and strategies, the most of intuitive players will score best. Players will be able to battle it out on the entire second floor and attic of the family home in which the game is set.
    Depending on the crowdfunding outcome, additional key features will be made available:

    1. The entire house will be playable! There will be hidden entry points all throughout, where players will be able to take shortcuts to get from one room to another.
    2. Helicopter mode! If this stretch-goal is met, playable helicopters will be introduced in a variety of game scenarios.
    3. Monster Trucks! Race and customize various Monster Trucks, equipped with mini-guns and rocket-launchers.
    4. Mech Warriors Robots! First person battles against armies of robots, using a wide range of weapons and perks.
    5. Toy Soldiers! Go crazy in a first-person shooter scenario. Climb ranks and take part in large multiplayer battles.
    6. Battle of all toys! With this stretch-goal, Tiny Battles will be a complete video game, as all available toys will be able to battle with each other in Battle Royal mode, Capture the flag, Team Deathmatch, Domination and single player missions.

    Tiny Battles plays with your memories as a child. You will finally be able to be the hero of your imaginary toy battles, set against the realistic setting of your childhood home. You will be able to create your own custom toys and stand out in global leader-boards.

    Whether you want to fly, shoot or race, Tiny Battles will have something for everyone. Real characters will live and interact in the Tiny Battles universe. As you fly your plane, dodging bullets, you will have to take into account the movements of larger than life cheerleaders, dogs and cats, parents and 6 year old boys. The living characters are not aware of your presence, but if you crash into them, you lose the game. The game is all about skill, reflex, spacial awareness and combat strategy. Be the ultimate general of all battles!

    Future installments of the game, will be alternative time-lines and house designs. Imagine an expansion pack of Tiny Battles set in Tokyo Apartment in the late 90ís. Completely different atmosphere, characters, toy designs, weapons and perks.

    About Animajor Studios The company specializes in anything VR, AR and 3D animation related. It has over 100 global projects, behind its 8 year history, for some of the biggest brands on the planet. Tiny Battles is a passion project, which has been in development for almost two years.

    Anthony Christovís career spans over 30 years in the movie business, with the last 18 of those, spent in Pixar as lead Art Director on some of Pixarís most iconic movies, such as Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Incredibles 1 & 2 and Cars. For the last two years, Anthony has been the head of IDEA Academy, based in Rome, Italy and Sofia, Bulgaria. Using his accumulated knowledge of the animated motion picture industry, he and his peers are now teaching undergrads in the most intricate of skills, related to everything that is animation and visual effects.

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